Cashmere, caviar and diamonds.

Okay, so maybe we don’t go quite that far.  But to be a part of the VIP Experience for Harvest Festival comes pretty darn close.

The finer things often come in a two-fold package.  There are the “things” like mentioned above.  And there are the “perks.”  Little nuances that a person gets simply by being a very important person.  For Harvest Festival, we like to bundle that package all into one spectacular souvenir bag of awesomeness.

The VIP Experience.

So, what do you get?  Well, I hope you’re sitting down.  And maybe grab a pen and paper so you can take notes.

Because it’s A LOT of stuff!

First up, the VIP crew officially makes their ‘camp’ so to speak at the Yacht Club.  Its exclusive access is restricted to ONLY those Very Important People.  No other entry is allowed.  There, you’ll have a secure coat and purse check, because you most definitely will NOT want to lug all that around town all day long.   You’ll also have the opportunity to leave purchases you’ve made throughout the day from vendors and retail stores in town at this location.  They will be safely secured at the Yacht Club, so your hands are free to hold your wine glass and sample all the wines.

There are also private bathrooms on site.  This item right here?  Yeah, it should pretty much seal the deal.  Just this one thing is worth more than all the other VIP perks combined.

Am I right, ladies?

But wait… there’s more!  Delicious food stuffs will be available at the Yacht club for you to nosh on in between wine tastings.  There will also be exclusive wine samples available for you to try as you please.

Are you over the edge yet? Or still on the fence?

Maybe it will be the extra special gift in the VIP souvenir bag that will get you there.  Our lips are sealed on all the major goodies because we thought it would be a fun surprise.  But let me just say – these bags will be FULL of awesome gifts!

So, if you’re feeling a little frisky this year, I totally recommend an upgrade to test out the VIP experience.  It will take your Harvest Festival fun and ramp it up to a whole new level.

To order your upgraded VIP souvenir bag, simply CLICK THIS LINK.

I can’t wait to see all your smiling faces on October 2nd in downtown Clear Lake!!  For a full list of Harvest Fest activities and schedule, go to