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Fast Food Frenzy!

It’s a Fast Food Frenzy! BY: RACHEL SMITH Some people choose it for convenience, others because they simply love the taste.  Either way, it’s no secret that the masses flock to the fast food restaurants like bees to honey.  It’s fitting, then, that today was set aside by the imaginary people inside of the internet as National...
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Simply Nourished in the Spotlight

photocredit: keweenaw.org BY: RACHEL SMITH I’m starting a new thing.  I tend to do this from time to time… so bear with me!  I figured maybe if I put it out here for all the blog-world to see, y’all will hold me accountable to keep it up! So what is it?  Well… running a business is hard work,...
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3rd Time’s a Charm – Will you TRI??

photocredits to:  Anthony Djuren photography The link to sign up for the 3rd annual TRI Clear Lake sprint triathlon is LIVE!!!! And that means... you officially have 7 full months to get that booty in tip-top shape, sign up and give it a TRI.  Here's the link to make it super, duper easy.  Just click and register! Read more

When you get to my door… tell them Boris sent you!

photocredit: lclshome.org BY: RACHEL SMITH Who can name that tune?  Anyone?  Anyone? Bueller? A very odd man by the name of Bobby “Boris” Pickett released this famous song in 1962, causing ghosts and ghouls around the Nation to stand up and boogie. For some reason, when my over-active brain woke me up at 2:30AM last night… THIS SONG played...
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