Color the Wind

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Annual Clear Lake Kite Flying Event

Date: February 18, 2023
Time: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Event Description: Color the Wind is back! Join us in Clear Lake for the Midwest’s largest and most colorful winter kite festival, featuring huge inflatable kites of all kinds flown by serious kite-flyers from across the United States.  Free admission, donations are appreciated!

Expect to be dazzled by this event! The display of beautiful colors, the sheer size of some of the kites, and the incredible choreography of the musical numbers are really something to behold.

Visitors will flock to Clear Lake’s frozen oasis to see the most spectacular display of kite-flying around. The festival is a big hit for everyone! Young or old – seasoned kite flyer or newbie to the hobby.

Keep in mind, this is a winter event, so it could be very cold. Please dress accordingly, and don’t forget, to avoid a day spent squinting at the kites, so bring your shades!


Parking: We will have updated parking & shuttle routes for 2023, stay tuned!

You may drive along N Lakeview Drive to view the kites without getting out of your car.

Kites will be available for purchase at the Lakeview Room. You may also bring your own kite to fly, just steer clear of the large kites and their lines!

In addition to these local restaurants, we will have a couple food trucks parked across from the Clear Lake Yacht Club.

You may NOT drive or park your car on the ice downtown in the designated festival area.

Other Saturday activities:
Wind Discovery Fundraiser
Surf Ballroom is open from 9am-1pm.
Clear Lake Arts Center is open from 10am-4pm.

Parking Restrictions TBA


Color the Wind Committee

Christy Bredeson, Deb Cash, Larry Day, Deb Sharar, Sheila Steely, & Mark Tesar

Staff: Trish Fundermann & Jenny Fasbender

Presenting Sponsor 2022

Indigo Wind

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Clear Lake Bank & Trust
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