One must be a bit careful when throwing the word ‘fever’ around during conversation.  A fever will not only get you quarantined to your house for days on end, but you’ll be avoided like the plague.


There are some good connotations about fevers out in the world though.  I mean, Boogie Fever by the Comptones was released in the 1970s and lit up the disco scene.  Tell your Alexa to play that song and I challenge you to NOT get up and dance.

I tried.

And failed.

Thankfully, there are not cameras in my home office, because I’m a special sort of something.

Peggy Lee gave us the fever, too.  “…When you kiss me.  Fever when you hold me tight.”  The deep base line will entice some serious finger-snapping while you drift back to a simpler time in life.

This weekend, however, there’s a different kind of fever floating around Clear Lake.  You’ll be able to catch it in bars, restaurants, local tourist attractions, and at the iconic Surf Ballroom.

The Island Fever showcase kicks off with special events on Thursday, and the Parrot Heads are planning to rock all the way through the weekend!

What is a Parrot Head, you ask?  They are simply a group of people who enjoy the music and laid-back island lifestyle of Jimmy Buffet.  You’ll often see them, gathered in flocks, having the time of their lives while decked out in bright-colored island wear.  The name was coined in the mid-80s by a former member of Buffet’s band who, after looking out in the crowd and seeing all the tropical clothing, noted a bunch of them had stuffed parrots on their shoulders or perched on their hats.

Nowadays, a Parrot Head isn’t just a Jimmy Buffet fan.  They encapsulate the entire trop rock genre.  With Mr. Buffet’s approval, they’ve formed an official ‘club’ to promote their love of all things island-y (not a real word… but stick with me here). Organizations have popped up across the globe under one condition – they must be a nonprofit, charitable organization.

The Isle of Iowa Parrot Head Club, along with the Surf Ballroom, presents the Island Fever Showcase with funds going to the Surf Ballroom & Museum and the Music Enrichment Center for their music education programs.  The entire weekend, dedicated to all things trop rock, will be a music extravaganza like this town has never seen.

Bands, bands, and more bands will ascend into your favorite watering holes around town, and the Parrot Heads will flock toward them.  Not only that, but there is a special cruise on the Lady of the Lake, a tour through Central Gardens, and a limited-edition keg tapping at Lake Time Brewery!  And never fear, they have dedicated each day to begin with a “Bloody Mary/Mimosa Morning” at the daily assigned location.


So, who’s playing? And where?

Hold onto your britches, folks, because this line up will blow you away!

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You can also go to for a full listing of information.

It’s going to be a FUN weekend at the Lake, my friends.  I suggest you take extensive advantage of all the amazing planning and preparation the Isle of Iowa Parrot Head Club put into this event.  Their dedication to the trop rock genre – and their dedication to having a good time – is a key element in the success of this showcase.

Welcome to Clear Lake, Parrot Heads from around the Midwest!  We hope you enjoy our lovely little lakeside community, and hopefully nobody loses their shaker of salt!