As another season of Thursdays on Main has come and gone, it’s officially that time of year where we give a huge shout out to the slew of sponsors who make the event happen.

It never fails, when people hear about all the fun happening on Thursday evenings in the summer, they are simply astonished.  “You do this every single week?” they ask?  And I just smile and nod.  “We sure do!”

It’s a testament, really, to the hard work and dedication of this community to provide family friendly activities for the many residents and guests each season.

And it’s no simple feat, that’s for sure!  It takes a village to be able to pull this event off week and week.  We wouldn’t be able to do it without the incredible food trucks and vendors who take the time and energy to haul their items up to Main Ave each week.

As always, we owe a huge shout-out to the CLPD for the countless times we needed their help to find vehicles owners so they could remove their car from the restricted areas.  And of course, the public works department for helping keep our downtown clean, with a special kudos to Mary & Kurt Harle, and Brad Barber for pitching in with garbage removal.

No Thursdays on Main would be complete without the kiddie train rides in front of Ge-Jos.  A super-duper round of thanks to Stan Gentry who volunteers his time and equipment to make those rides possible.

It’s the selflessness of community members who step up to the plate and offer their assistance, who give their time so freely to help others and the community, like Taylor Barragy, who make this town so extra special.  Week after week, she was there to assist Trish in movie set up and gathering garbage!

But what about behind the scenes?  Well, turns out we have some incredible Chamber Members who provide financial support to ensure we can provide all the fun for everyone.  Without them, I’m not sure how Thursdays would look in downtown Clear Lake.  I’m guessing it would be pretty darn boring, to tell you the truth.  So, we thank you.  We appreciate your sponsorship of this event and your dedication to improving the lives of everyone who lives in and visits Clear Lake.

And in case you missed it this summer… well, there’s always next year!  Plans are already in the works to secure live music and special entertainment.  Vendors and food trucks are planning to attend again, making sure there is food and fun for everyone!

Thanks for a great summer.  It really was wonderful to see all the smiling faces throughout Main Ave every Thursday evening.  To hear the laughter of the children as they jumped and play in the bounce houses.  To watch people dancing in the street when the band plays their favorite song.

It’s summer fun at it’s finest, right here in Clear Lake, Iowa, and I CAN’T WAIT for next year!

Cornerstone Sponsor:



First Citizens Bank

GOLD Sponsors:

Clear Lake Bank & Trust

CL Tel

Curries/Assa Alboy



MBT Bank


SILVER Sponsors:

Larsons Mercantile



MISC Donation:

Mike Frank

Bounce Houses:

Sunset Sharky’s

Amadita Shaffer

HyVee West

CL Tel

BRONZE Sponsors:

Charlie Brown

Cookies Etc

Farmers State Bank

Hall Realty

Skips Kicks

Ritz Rings & Things

MBT Bank

Midland Concrete


Veenstra & Kim