It seems Spring has come a bit later than normal this year.  The typical “April showers” that bring the “May flowers” are running behind, much like a stressed-out mother trying to get her kids to school on time.

But it’s okay, I suppose.  Even though it puts a damper on all our outdoor lake time fun, it’s much needed for the well-being of our lake.  And, I guarantee the farmers surrounding this community are grateful as well.  I know the Mama goose and babies who frequently visit my backyard are loving the tall grass.  It just never stays dry long enough to mow!

Even with the cloudy skies and dreary gloom out my window, it’s still Friday, and that means we need a rundown of all the goodness happening around town this week.

First up, Main Avenue was a buzz of excitement Monday morning as a film crew descended on our quaint little town to begin filming the pilot for a TV show.  Renovo Media Group, which operates within the new Kingland production facility, is spearheading the project about a widow who moves back to her hometown and opens a brewery.

Nothing like bringing the magic of Hollywood to Clear Lake.  Probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever witnessed and y’all, it is unreal how many people and how much equipment it takes.  WOW!

We also sent off a slew of young folks to the State Track Meet down in Des Moines.  Their Lion pride shining bright as they leave their heart and soul on the blue oval this weekend.  Run fast, mighty Lions.  Run fast and turn left.

It turns out we had a bit of a snafu yesterday with the Weekly Events Email.  Apparently the system didn’t like my title of “So much fun at the Lake” and only sent the email to a few of the folks on our list.  Technology… amirite?  You either love it or hate it!

Yesterday, it was not my friend.

Regardless, in case you were one of the people who didn’t receive the email, you can find it HERE.  It’s the first one in a while that literally made me giddy as I prepared it.


Life is back.  Events are back.

We can listen to live music and go to concerts at the Surf and buy all the things at Farmer’s Market.

Thanks again for another spectacular week at the Lake.  Brace yourselves, Mama’s, because Tuesday is the last day of school and then the race is on to pack in the most summer fun possible before it starts again in August!