As you can see, I’ve bumped things up a notch this week.  We’ve gone from your typical “Feel Good Friday” blog post to a “Feel GREAT Friday.”

I mean, how can I not?

Since Tuesday, I’ve been relishing in the peace and quiet of my cozy basement office.  You know why?


There may not be another human on the planet who celebrates this each year like I do.  Now, don’t get me wrong, by the time May rolls around, I’m more than ready to be done with the emails and the homework and the constant dress up/award days to try and remember.  But after three months of being with these little ankle-biters for nearly every minute of every day… it’s time.

And what a glorious time it is.

Football Friday night lights being one of them – Go Lions!  The truth is, I’m totally going for the band.  Did you know their show this year features songs by Buddy Holly & Ritchie Valens?  I’m not sure it could be any more awesome.  Oh wait… they’re also playing American Pie by Don McLean!  In case you haven’t heard, a documentary being filmed about “The Day the Music Died” will be in town for the football game on October 1st – and they are organizing a stadium-wide singalong of American Pie on this night.

Mark your calendars, friends, and let’s show them that in Clear Lake the music LIVES forever!

Despite my obvious excitement over all things school and school activities, Clear Lake is doing everything possible to hold onto that last bit of summer.  Dangling off the cliff, knowing it’s almost time to let go, but scraping at the rocks trying to grasp onto any little thing it can.  I get that, too.  It’s hard to let summertime fade away, especially when you live in paradise.

Thankfully, there are still a few chances to get your summer on yet in Clear Lake.  One of them being ‘Lake Live’ happening this weekend.  On a barge anchored out near State Park, FOUR bands are planning to put on a spectacular show!

Here’s the lineup:

  • 1:00 Liv McNair
  • 2:00 “Mr. Jeff Music”Jeff Boehnke
  • 3:00 “Jarno Solo” Bill Jarnagin
  • 4:00 Kraft Brothers

The weather is looking to be warm and mostly sunny, the perfect conditions for an awesome concert on the water!

As we embark on the transition of seasons, it will soon be time for our summer transplants to leave us.  That is usually a sign of patio closings and our summer restaurants bidding us ‘adieu’ for another year.  Be sure to get your fix of all your favorite places before we’re forced indoors by the nasty, cold weather (actually, those little black bugs come first – ugh).  Stop into Central Gardens.  Take a cruise of the Lady of the Lake.  Peruse the fresh produce at the Farmer’s Market.

The weekend is upon us, my friends.  Embrace it.  Enjoy it.

Soak in all the Clear Lake fun!

Oh!!  And don’t forget to get your Harvest Festival pop-up shop orders in by Sunday!  I understand that “sip happens” but “corks are for quitters.”  Order today!