Cure for the Winter Blues


It’s easy to get a bit down in the dumps during the winter months.  Temperatures have been less than ideal, dipping below zero more times than I can count during the season.  The unpredictable whip of the bitter wind often feels like knives stabbing you repeatedly.  The chill so cold it hurts to take a breath.

I get it.  My mood tends to dive deep into the depths of despair this time of year, too.

For me, it’s the endless barrage of gray everywhere.  Now, I know the whole “farmhouse chic” interior design is all the rage these days.  Gray walls, gray floor, gray furniture.  It’s supposed to look rustic, and cool.  But when it’s on the outside?  I don’t like it.

I need blue skies, green grass, and open water crashing against the rocks on the shore.

The winter blues are a very normal reaction to the cold, dark days of winter.  It makes you tired, less likely to go out and do things, unhappy and lethargic.

Being an Iowan, you learn ways to cope.

For me? I tend to dream of warmer times.  Looking toward the sky to feel the sun against my cheek, warming me inside all the way to my bones.

I dream of open water.  Of lounging on a floatie as the sun turns my skin golden brown, the gentle hum of boat motors in the distance.

I dream of summer in Clear Lake.

Of days on the boat, anchored just off State Park Beach.  Of evenings going for a stroll down Main Ave, making sure to enjoy every possible minute before the day ends.  Of dining on a patio, listening to local live music waft softly through the air.

Just close your eyes.

Can you hear the live music at Thursdays on Main?  Can you smell the freshly cooked corn dogs at the 4th of July carnival? Can you feel the gentle breeze coming off the lake?

And so – if you’re looking for a sure-fire way to combat those winter blues, now is the perfect time to get your Clear Lake adventure on the books.  Ignite your senses this summer at the Lake!

Find a week (or maybe two) and whisk yourself away to our Midwest paradise.  We have lodging options to best suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a hotel with all the amenities, or a vacation rental to share with family and friends.  Our business directory can hook you up with a full list of lodging opportunities.

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out all the incredible attractions.  While the lake serves as a focal point for summer-time fun, there are SO many other things to keep you busy during your lake stay!  Stroll through Central Gardens, visit the Fire Museum, and go for a ride on the Lady of the Lake. Pencil in some time to explore rock ‘n’ roll history at the Surf Ballroom, Three Stars Plaza and the memorial crash site.

In between all the fun in the sun, pop in to our many retail stores and do a bit of shopping.  I guarantee you can find the perfect souvenir to forever remember your time in Clear Lake.

And, as always, there’s my favorite part – EATING!  Clear Lake has something to satisfy every tastebud.  Whether you’re craving a delectable steak, Mexican cuisine, or a sweet treat.  We have all the best places to grab a quick bite or indulge in an evening out.

To make sure you don’t miss a thing while you’re at the Lake, be sure to visit our website and follow the Clear Lake Chamber and Clear Lake, Iowa on Facebook.

Winter blues?  What winter blues!  Plan your vacation at Clear Lake today and watch those winter blues fade away.