Elections are often over-shadowed by the Presidential race.  It’s typically the most talked about, the most media hyped, the most popular.

But what about the local elections?

Turns out, they might even be more important to some people than determining who gets the White House.  They affect each of us, especially in the Clear Lake election as we determine the local officials who are in charge of making decisions for the best possible outcomes for the community and the school.  Two VERY important pieces of what makes Clear Lake so amazing.

They matter because whoever attains that coveted elected position makes decisions which will, in turn, directly impact our lives.

And that one little sentence right there should be all it takes to get you out to vote today.

Do it for your community, for your school.  Do it because it’s your civil duty to make your voice heard.  Do it because you’re a proud citizen who cares about what’s going on in Clear Lake.

Don’t just sit back and let others determine your fate.

Get out and VOTE!

Now, if you’re unsure how to do that, there are a slew of resources available to help.

According to Adam Wedmore, Cerro Gordo County Auditor, all of the polling locations will be open on Tuesday, November 2nd from 7AM to 8PM.  In the past, they did consolidate some locations to curb the amount of people gathering due to COVID.  That is NOT the case for this election.  ALL polling locations are open.

If you’ve requested an absentee ballot but didn’t get it sent in ahead of time… never fear.  According to you can simply turn your ballot over at your polling site today, or to the county auditor office before 8PM for your vote to count.

For those physically going to a polling site, make sure you have your identification.  If you’re unsure where to go, I recommend going to  In this site, you can enter your zip code and address information.  Your polling location will appear, along with an address in case you’re unfamiliar with the location.

On the ballot for the Clear Lake election, we will be voting for:

  • Mayor
  • City Council at Large (ward 1 and ward 2)
  • School Board
  • NIACC district director

While most on this ballot have only one choice along with space for a write-in vote, our school board election has options.  If you’re unsure who to vote for, I recommend taking a few moments to watch the Facebook LIVE public forum that was held last week.

The time is now, Clear Lake.  Get out and VOTE.

Do it for the community.  It needs to hear your voice.