While many of us have already said our goodbyes to sunny, summer days at the Lake, it really hit home this week.  Even with the fall decorations donning light posts along Main and the ever-popular Harvest Festival already taking place, I was holding on.

Holding on to the late-night lake laps.

Holding on to the sunsets over the water.

Holding on to the feel of the warm sun on my face as I soaked up all the Vitamin D at City Beach.

Just… holding on.

But this week, however, it was time to officially let go.  It all started during a break from working on articles for the 2022 (still seems weird to type that year) Visitor Guide.  I probably say it every year, but it’s going to be an epic publication, once again, highlighting all the awesomeness for our residents and many guests.

And so, my heart sank just a tad when I clicked on to the Facebook and saw this graphic posted by the Parks & Recreation Department.

The official end of lake time fun.

Well, the liquid kind, I suppose. 

As if that first graphic wasn’t enough of a punch to the gut as I wrestle with my summer farewell… this little ditty was posted the following day.

Oh, the humanity!  WHY do we choose to live in a place where the weather becomes frigid and there’s ice and snow and wind?

And then it hit me.  The answer right in front of my face.

The end of summer isn’t the end of fun in Clear Lake.  Not even close!  In fact, it simply opens the door to a new realm of possibility for lake time fun.

The frozen kind!

It won’t be long before we hold the annual Christmas by the Lake celebration, kicking off the festivities of our winter season.  After that, we hope for cold, cold, and colder weather to ensure the lake is nice and frozen for the Color the Wind festival.

In its first year being an official Clear Lake Area Chamber premier event, our fingers are crossed for favorable winter weather and a fantastic turnout!

Incidentally, if you’re new to the area or are headed to North Iowa for a visit during the upcoming cold-weather season, be sure to check out this post in our community group, ‘Clear Lakers’ about all the things you’ll need to survive a North Iowa winter!

Colder weather also means a shift of focus for the Chamber team.  We are putting the final touches on a fantastic comeback year as we wrap up 2021.  With minimal instances of being affected by the pandemic, it’s nice to (hopefully) put that all behind us and focus on the future while continuing all the fun.  Our 4th of July Extravaganza came back with a vengeance this year, breaking records left and right.  We plan to catapult on that success, keeping the momentum going as we continue to serve this incredible community.

And so, I guess it’s fitting we focus on “thanks” this time of year.  I’ve never felt more thankful in my life than I do right now.  Thankful for a fantastic summer filled with memories to last a lifetime.  Thankful for the change of seasons and what soon will be the end of the tiny black bugs.

You totally just nodded your head, right?

Thankful to live in a supportive community.  One where we support our local businesses and celebrate their success.

Thankful to be a Clear Laker.