Do y’all think I sound like a broken record yet? I mean, I’ve only said this about a thousand times over the course of my (almost) five years writing blogs for the Chamber.

This year, however, is different.

It feels different.

There’s this lingering shift in our economic atmosphere. Goods are harder to come by. The service industry is short-staffed and hanging on to their sanity by a thread. People want stuff NOW, directly on their doorstep, all wrapped up with a bow on top. We want to order or food and have it delivered, piping hot and perfect, immediately. We’ve somehow morphed into this ‘gimme, gimme, gimme’ society and frankly, I’m not a fan.

What I am a fan of, is buying from the little guy. And when I say ‘little guy’ I mean the local shops and businesses right here in our beautiful community. Being a small business owner myself (SHAMELESS PLUG AHEAD: I literally do a jig of glee when an order comes through my website.

For real.

I get up, crank the music and dance around my office while I sign and package books. There’s no better feeling than when someone purchases your product. The natural high lasts for the rest of the day and gives me hope that maybe, just maybe, I’m going to make it!

And I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

We are fortunate in Clear Lake to have an incredible variety of businesses. People who took a chance on our community. They poured their heart and soul (and money) into providing quality products to the masses, and they carry a sense of pride for what they’ve accomplished. It takes a hefty dose of courage to pull the trigger and open your own business.

And this holiday season… they need our support more than ever.

With the recent supply chain issues happening across the globe, it would be beneficial this year to “Shop often” when you shop small. Instead of waiting to purchase those last-minute Christmas gifts, spread out the love a bit. Not only will the retail shops appreciate the gesture, but your wallet will thank you as well!

I’ve compiled a list of Holiday Preview’s for your shopping pleasure. I scoured the interwebs in search for as many as I could find information about, so if I’ve missed you, please email me ( and I’ll gladly get your Holiday shopping event added to the list!







  • Official Date of Small Business Saturday!



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Help us flood the streets of Clear Lake with economic goodness this Holiday season. Shop often. Shop local.

Shop Clear Lake!