I was on a walk one day, the byproduct of needing to get out of my house after days on end of being cooped up during the thick of the pandemic hysteria.  As a writer, walking has always been my trick to get over a case of “the block.”

Writer’s Block, that is.

It’s a nasty feeling, sitting in front of a computer as a deadline looms over your head like a thunderous rain cloud.  No words come to mind.  No sentences are formed.  Just a blank page glaring from your desk as you hem and haw over how to get started.

I was there… and it was awful.  So, I decided to lace up the old sneakers and get some fresh air to clear my head.  And, as I was walking, my mind floated to the Clear Lakers Facebook Page and the barrage of fox sightings that had been noted of late.

Those furry little creatures seemed to be the one bright spot in an otherwise dark time of our lives.  Every day was a new sighting, a new photo or video.

The foxes were gaining notoriety around town, and it appeared they were here to stay.

Like a lightning bolt descending from the sky, it hit me.

I should write a book about the Famous Foxes of Clear Lake!

Names, descriptions, story lines began to filter through my thoughts.  Before long, I had a rough draft typed out, ready for the first-round slash of edits and rewrites.

The story gelled perfectly and, as I work for the Chamber of Commerce, coupled as a great promotion piece for our Midwest Vacation Destination.

In the book, Frankie & Frannie brave the cold winter months inside their den, dreaming of fun in the sun on the shores of Clear Lake.  When spring arrives, they make the trek along the railroad tracks, where they fall in love with the beauty and wonder of all the quaint little town has to offer.

The foxes visit Central Gardens and City Beach, they frolic in the water at the Splash Pad and race through City Park.  Their curiosity gets the best of them, and they even sneak onto the Lady of the Lake for a cruise.  As they continue to trek through town, Frankie & Frannie find themselves at the legendary Surf Ballroom, and decide to make their new home across the street at the Fox House.

The illustrated children’s book is a super-fun, exciting read for children of any ages.  It’s even great for adults who frequently visit Clear Lake during the summer.

You can purchase a copy at Amazon.  Or, there are copies located at The Clear Lake Chamber office or the Surf Ballroom gift shop.

For a personalized book signed to your loved one, you can order (with FREE shipping) from

Dedicated to the people of Clear Lake who make this community such a wonderful place to live, work and play, Frankie & Frannie is an adorable tribute to our beloved foxes.