In my feeble attempt to come up with new, innovative ideas to write about this week, I turned to my trusty “National Days” calendar.  It’s always been there for me in the past, providing super-awesome suggestions and ways I can turn the silly National Days into something pertaining to Clear Lake.

We’ve celebrated Beer Days.  Donut Days.  Pizza topping Days.  Even Leave a Zucchini on your Neighbors Porch Day.

Which is a bit of a stretch as cause for celebration.

Today, however, nothing sparked my interest.  No creativity was stirred to life, creating a masterpiece blog post worthy of anyone’s attention seemed to fall despairingly by the wayside, plummeting into the depths of darkness and despair.

Dramatic, right?

So I thought to myself… “Self, what’s your favorite thing in the whole world?”

The answer was easy.


Thus, I deem a new Holiday, to be used at your discretion at any point in the next week.  While maybe it’s not a “National” thing, it can be a regional one.  Or even more specific – Clear Lake Dine Out Day.

Eating at a restaurant is, by far, my favorite thing to do in all the land.  I’m not sure if my love stems from not having to cook food for my giant army of a family, or the fact I get to leave the mess there for them to clean up.

I’m guessing it’s a combination of the two.  It also helps that I love food more than any other thing in my entire life.

Not including wine.  Oh, and I guess my family should be included in there, too. 

Good food, mediocre food, not so good food.  I love it all the same.  As long as I don’t have to plan for it, purchase items, cook it, and clean it up.

I mean, how can you NOT love that?

Thankfully, we are blessed with an abundance of quality food and drink locations here in town.  Where we can enjoy the deliciousness without all the fuss of cooking and cleaning.  In fact, these Chamber Members are all top-notch in my book, falling into the “good food” category mentioned above.

Some are brand new.  Some have been around for years.  Some are only open during the summer.

But one thing they have in common is their dedication to serving the members of this community.  To creating quality food and drinks in a clean, friendly atmosphere for all to enjoy.  Click on their names, which will take you to their Facebook Page or website.  Give them a like.  Check out what they have to offer.

Make a date this week to grab lunch or plan a night on the town to visit their establishment.  Each of the places below offers a unique dining or bar experience suited to your ‘feel’ for the day.  Burgers, pizza, gourmet hot dogs, Italian, Desserts, grab ‘n go, specialty sandwiches… there is literally something for EVERY palette.

Meet up with friends for dinner and/or drinks and enjoy Clear Lake Dine Out Day!

Avion Azul

Bennigan’s Grill & Tavern

Cabin Coffee Company

Casey’s Pizza & Deli

Cookies Etc

Culvers of Clear Lake

District Rock ‘N Roll Grill

Ge-Jo’s by the Lake

Gyro Place

Half Moon Inn

K&B Emporium

Lake Time Brewery

Lakeside Landing – closed for the season, see you next year!

McDonald’s Restaurant

Muskie Lounge – closed for the season, see you next year!

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

PM Park & Tiki Bar – closed for the season, see you next year!


Seven Stars Family Restaurant

Seven’s Steakhouse

Simply Nourished

South Shore Donut Company

Starboard Market


Sunset Sharky’s Pub & Grub

Taco John’s


The Other Place

True North Nutrition

Veterans of Foreign Wars