Procrastinators Unite!


The holiday season really tends to bring out the inner workings of people, doesn’t it?  You’ve got “Super-Organized Susie” over in one corner.  She made a list in September and all her gifts are wrapped in color-coded paper and donned with intricate bows.  She’s organized, punctual for all holiday gatherings, and she got a gift for everyone from the mailman to the elderly lady down the street.

Then there’s “Middle of the Road Molly” over in another corner.  She tries so hard.  Back in September, she thought about making a list and trying the whole organization thing this year, but to no avail.  Somehow, she managed to get the Christmas cards in the mail in time and there are a few gifts under her tree.  Molly illuminates holiday radiance, covering the fact she’s barely keeping her head above water.

Lastly, you can’t have Christmas without “Hot Mess Heidi” coming in at the final second.  She throws her gifts into whatever gift bag she’s got in the closet.  There were no lists for Heidi.  Her Christmas cookies are directly from the package, and she randomly disappears during family gatherings to drink white wine in the laundry room.

Whatever category you fall into this holiday season, it’s okay.

As long as you did some of your shopping local.

This time of year, we can get so caught up in the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to take the simple route of point, click, delivery.  I get it.  Especially when it comes to your doorstep two days later.

But what if we took the remainder of our holiday shopping this season and actually bought them from a local shop?  What if we gave our kids’ teacher a gift card to enjoy a meal from a local restaurant?  Or what if we found the grandparents the perfect Lions sweatshirt at Brin & Lew for when they come to watch a game?

If we all made a conscious effort to shop at our local stores for the remainder of the season, it could make an impact on our community continuing well into the new year.  These people are our friends, our neighbors and community members.  We need to show our support not only to keep them around for next year, but to help grow our local economy, too.

Did you know from every $100 spent locally that almost 70% of the money stays local?  That’s an incredible impact!  And I don’t know about you, but every time my kids are involved in school activities, it’s the local establishments I see printed on the back of their shirts.

Ya know… like superheroes!

The local guys donate money to the Booster Club, and they sponsor Chamber events.  They are the ones who support the nonprofit organizations through generous donations and support each and every year.

They are the backbone of our community, and it’s our job to show them support.  Every dollar you spend keeps the train chugging along the tracks and creates a thriving community within North Iowa.

Our commitment to shopping local is what makes Clear Lake so appealing to outsiders. I mean… people spend their VACATIONS where we LIVE!

That says a lot about the awesomeness of Clear Lake as a whole, right?

And so, for the remainder of the holiday season, please remember to shop local.  The final countdown is official on, so get shopping and find your loved one that perfect gift!