I don’t know about you guys, but it was nice to have a bit of a preview into actual fall weather this week.  Even with the humidity and fog, the cooler temps helped propel me into all things pumpkin and goblin.

Teenagers and other brave humans are gearing up for another weekend of The Nightmare – Haunted Hike out on South Shore Drive.  Me? I’ll just keep my butt safely inside the car, thinking about fluffy bunnies, warm sunshine, and other happy things.

But like they say… “If you dare, we will scare.”  So, you best be getting out there before October slips away!  They’re open from 7:30 – 10PM on Friday and Saturday nights through Halloween.

I will, however, be indulging in the yummiest of yummies at the official Grand Opening at Charlie’s Soda Fountain on Saturday.  They will be open from 9am – 9pm and are ready and raring to serve the Clear Lake community all the goodies!  Be sure to stop in, say hello, enjoy some deliciously sweet treats and enjoy this fabulously revived space in our gorgeous town!

Plus… indoors, there are no little black bugs!

Double bonus!

Alas, we had the pleasure of welcoming Avion Azul to the Chamber with their official ribbon cutting on Thursday of this week.  If you haven’t been out to the new restaurant at the airport, you simply must get on that, pronto!  One… they make fresh guacamole tableside which is like the best thing ever.  And two… they have this giant tower thing they fill with their delicious margaritas.  Coupled with scrump-dilly-icious fresh Mexican cuisine and I’m honestly considering moving in there permanently!

Mmmmm… tacos. 

As we bid adieu to another fantastic week at the Lake, let’s do it with pride in our hearts for our little Midwest tourist destination.  After last week’s ginormous celebration of fall fun at Harvest Festival, there’s no shame in having a low-key, relaxing weekend at the lake.  Incidentally, in case you missed it, we thanked a SLEW of people this week for making Harvest Fest such a smashing success.  You can read about it here.

Take in the beauty of the changing leaves.  Enjoy a stroll along the seawall as you appreciate the final few weeks of open water before it’s transformed into the frozen tundra for the winter.  Eat at the restaurants, shop in the stores.

Be thankful we live in such a warm, welcoming community.

See ya next week, friends!