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A 4th of July for the Record Books!

BY: RACHEL WUMKES It’s hard to believe just over a month ago we were flooded with tourists enjoying another year of our Independence Day Extravaganza!  It’s such a whirlwind event, it took us all that long to catch our breath, form a coherent thought, and get a list of thanks prepared! So here you go – a...
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A Good Deed for those in Need

BY: RACHEL WUMKES There are not many activities less enjoyable in life than shopping for school supplies.  I mean, its supposed to be fun and exciting and Moms everywhere should be rejoicing, right? Wrong. It’s awful.  Typically stationed in small areas within the store filled with screaming, unruly children.  Frazzled parents attempt to follow a random list of...
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I can see CLEAR-ly now

photocredit: clearproject.net BY: RACHEL WUMKES Many years ago, before I lived in beautiful Clear Lake, I used to come up from Des Moines to visit.  Back then, Clear Lake wasn’t nearly as wonderful as it is today.  While I wanted to enjoy a cooling dip in the lake on a hot day, I just couldn’t get past...
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