Thankfully, this week seemed to slide by in a little better fashion than the previous weeks of January.  Except with it came a bout of dreaded cold weather.  You know, the kind where your nose hairs freeze the moment you step outside?  I shudder to think how hard my poor furnace has had to work these past few days to keep up with the extreme wind chills.

On the upside, the frigidly cold temperatures are the perfect scenario to make ice.

Lots and lots of ice.

Which is a good thing this time of year with the upcoming Color the Wind event taking place on February 19th.  More ice means safer conditions for all of you to enjoy this spectacular showcase.  Which, if you’ve never seen before – it is a must!

Brightly colored kites flying high above our frozen oasis is definitely a sight to see.  Kites of every shape and size, of every style, soaring over Clear Lake.  I guarantee you will be in awe and wonder at not only their beauty, but how their handled by the pilots.

It’s incredible!

Now, if we can just make friends with Mother Nature to ensure she doesn’t blast us with a blizzard on that day…

In other exciting news, Lita Ford will take the stage this evening at the Surf Ballroom.  It is the first concert since they renovated the dance floor.  The hard-working crew from Dean Snyder began repairing and sanding the hardwood floor back in December.  There are still tickets available at if you’re looking for something fun to do tonight!

For a warm fuzzy feel-good moment, I’d like to direct you to our 7th grade Boys Basketball team.  They received some much-deserved recognition for creating a lifelong memory for a member of their squad, Zaden Brooking.

When Zaden was put into the game, his teammates had one goal in mind: to get him the ball.  Being a bit too far away, the 4ft 5in 7th grader missed the first attempt, but made the shot for 2 points on his 2nd try.  The crowd in the Middle School gymnasium erupted as Zaden and his teammates celebrated his accomplishment.

Not only was it a high moment for our boys, but it was also a remarkable display of acceptance and inclusion by the opposing team from Iowa Falls.  Kudos to them for being such great sports and I applaud each of them.

Click here to watch Zaden’s interview on KIMT for the full story.

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Time to put our feet up and sail into another fabulous weekend at the Lake, my friends.  May you enjoy the many offerings of our community and mostly… just stay warm!

See you next week!