It’s officially the most depressing time of the year.  You’ve likely heard of the “winter blues” which boils down to simply feeling blah during the cold, gloomy months.

I get it.  You just rode the awesome high of the holidays.  You dreamt of fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky as you donned your cute, festive outfits and enjoyed parties and gatherings.  Your credit card was on fire as you bought all the things to ensure your family had the perfect, most magical Christmas experience ever.

And now you have to pay for it. Literally.

Your pants are too tight, and your credit card bill was five pages.

Front. And. Back.

That itself is a giant bummer.

And now, on top of the financial guilt, most days are a mix of ominous clouds, creating a gray hue throughout the day.  It’s cold, and everywhere you walk is covered in muddy sludge which eventually gets tracked into your car and house.  The month of January alone feels like it takes months and months to complete.  Every day I look at my desk calendar, hoping it’s over, but it just seems to never end.  Every single one a replication of the day before.

Cold. Gray. Seriously depressing.

That is why a shift to uplifting our mental health is key to survival during this spell of winter.  “Self-care” is essential to getting over the hump of those winter blues before we can safely sail down the other side into the wonderful abyss that is summer.

The great thing is, selfcare can be whatever you need it to be.  Whatever it is to make you feel warm and healthy and beautiful… go for it.

Here are a few Chamber Members who could possibly be of assistance on your quest for mental balance this winter.  Use them.  Do the things.  Feel the warmth spread throughout your body and your mind as you squash down the demons threatening to steal your joy this winter.

Look Good = Feel Good

Connecting Mind – Body – Spirit

Winter can be hard, but you don’t have to be miserable.  Take advantage of these incredible local businesses who can provide you with a little boost of light this winter to help get you through.

Or, if you’re thinking maybe a good old fashioned sweat session is all it will take to get you over the hump, take a peek at this blog I posted a few weeks ago highlighting our member gym locations.