Here we go again!


As if the frigid cold blasting across the plains of the Midwest was not depressing enough, it seems we’ve come upon the dreaded tax season once again.

Just one time, wouldn’t it be fun to skip it?  Seriously, I think I’m onto something here! The whole country gets a ‘bye’ for the year, simply forgotten for everyone, and we all go our merry way.

I’m a genius!

Unfortunately, it is merely wishful thinking on my part.  While some people may look forward to a large refund to get their finances back into balance, that has never been the case for me.  Instead, my experience during tax season is more like being in a constant state of panic, worried I’ve forgotten something or entered numbers incorrectly into Quick Books.  And then there’s the collection of the mounds of paperwork to turn in to my accountant.

Oofta.  Just thinking about it now sends my anxiety into a tailspin!

With so many changing tax laws and intricate rules to follow, I’d never tackle the daunting task of doing my own taxes.  Kudos to the people who do, but for me, that would be like venturing into a cave filled with angry lions and I’m wearing a meat dress.

Hard pass. 

I must laugh at the barrage of images found on the internet when you Google “Tax Preparation.”  No one is smiling.  No one is laughing and having a great time.  Instead, the pictures show piles of unorganized papers scattered across a desk.  Men and women with their head in their hands, hair wild from running their fingers through it in frustration.  Pencils riddled with teeth marks as people work through their anxiety as they muddle through, hoping they prepare the documents correctly to avoid an audit.

See?  It’s not just me then.  The people inside the internet don’t like tax season either!

Thankfully, the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce has a slew of members who are tax professionals.  They are fully experienced in the various tax laws and regulations and will be happy to help!

And so, my dear Clear Lakers, do not stress this tax season.  Hire one of these amazing professionals to ensure your taxes are done properly.  Hopefully, it means a great big tax return for you to spend at all the other fabulous places around town!