Working together to make our community a fantastic place to live, work and play!


You’ve likely seen us running around during events.  We are the ones answering the questions, solving the problems, and trying to have all the fun at the same time!

Chamber work is a different kind of animal.  During the busy season, we bust our tails.  And when the off-season comes around and you think maybe things will slow down… they don’t.  Mostly because we’re busting our tails to get everything planned and finalized for the upcoming busy season.

It’s an endless cycle for sure, but man is it fun!!

We’ve had some recent additions to the team here at the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce and figured it was high time to do a little “meet the team” post!

STACY DOUGHAN – President and CEO

While she’ll still answer if you call her Stacy “Doogan” her last name is actually pronounced “Dawn.”  Stacy came aboard the Chamber ship in May of 2019, which gave her just enough time to really settle in and get her feet wet before COVID imploded all of our lives.  Stacy and her husband, Trinity, live in Clear Lake with their four children.

Stacy loves all the signature events hosted by the Chamber but tends to have a special place in her heart for the less-known programs such as Educators Appreciation Breakfast, Lake Leadership, and the Quarterly Coffee events.  Her favorite memory is when the community rallied around our local businesses and purchased over $67,000 worth of gift cards as part of our Buy-In Clear Lake initiative at the beginning of the pandemic.

The best part of each day for Stacy? The fact that it will likely be different than the last.  Each day presents new challenges and rewards where she can meet new people and help connect them professionally.

Stacy spends most of her time chasing her children around for all their activities but enjoys a lazy Sunday afternoon out at State Park Beach whenever she can in the summer!

TRISH FUNDERMANN – Events Director

They call her the “Qween Bee.”

Why, you ask?

Well, because Trish oversees it all.  Every signature event we put on is planned and organized (with the help of a committee) by Trish.  She knows everyone and everything around town, which is not surprising, considering she’s been doing this job now for 27 years.  In fact, when she started this gig in 1995, I was but a mere freshman in high school.

Trish’s all-time favorite event is Thursdays on Main.  Seeing the smiling faces of community members and guests as they enjoy our downtown is why she loves her job.

Trish recalls the many advancements of technology over the years.  Back in the day, she used to literally cut an image out of the paper and either glue or tape it to her newsletter layout.  As this was the time before today’s printers, she had to use a duplicator to create enough copies for people.

Truthfully, we’d be beyond lost without her expertise and knowledge of everything Clear Lake.  In fact, it’s been determined she will be the Betty White of the Chamber and must work forever.

In her spare time (LOL) she enjoys everything lake life entails, boating and beach days with her friends.  While she’s single, she most definitely IS NOT ready to mingle, so you men out there should probably keep your distance.

 JENNY FASBENDER – Events Assistant

Jenny is the new kid at the Chamber office.  She began working as Trish’s sidekick, helping to plan events and all that it entails, in April of last year.  She loves seeing how the events operate from the inside and says the best part of her job is that it doesn’t even feel like work.  Seeing friends and families making memories at the many events and activities is the highlight of her job.

Jenny moved to Clear Lake in 2013 with her husband, Ryan, and their two daughters who are currently both students at the University of Iowa.

In her free time, Jenny enjoys working out, the fabulous sunsets of Clear Lake, and spending time with her family.

LIBBEY HOHN – Director of Tourism

Nobody promotes Clear Lake like Libbey.  Whether she’s at a trade show or giving a tour to a bus full of visitors, she always has the well-being of our community in her best interest.  Her collaborative efforts with various groups, bloggers and social media enthusiasts have helped put Clear Lake on the map as a favorite vacation destination in the Midwest.

Libbey hit the ground running with her tourism efforts at the Chamber 12 years ago and hasn’t slowed down yet!  With many memories over the years, one of her favorites is when she flew to Chicago with Trish, Tim (former Chamber President), and Allie & Brian of KIMT.  They held ‘on the street’ interviews asking Clear Lake trivia questions and got to meet with the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce.

Another fun memory for Libbey was the Clear Lake Signature Cocktail Contest held in 2015, which you can read more about here.

Her countless initiatives and campaigns over the years have won numerous awards and recognition across the state.  But don’t worry, she’s still got a trick or two up her sleeve for promotional ideas in the future!

Libbey lives in Clear Lake with her fiancé Danny and their three girls.  In her free time, she enjoys lake laps, road trips, reading and doing projects around the house.

ASHLEY WEISS – Administrative Assistant

Often referred to as the “human Google” Ashley is the first smiling face you see when you walk through our door!  She started her Chamber journey in March of last year after working as a reporter for the Globe Gazette for nearly four years.

In her first week of Chamber duties, she was literally thrown into the gauntlet as the Visitor Guide Launch Party at the Surf Ballroom took place that Friday.  Incidentally, it’s one of her favorite memories over the past year, as it was her first real look at all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into events.

Ashley says what stood out to her the most about that event was how the Chamber team accepted her into the mix and made her feel welcomed and appreciated.

Ashley and her husband, Ethan, live in Britt with their cocker spaniel, Domino.  She enjoys gardening, canning, camping and crafting in her spare time.  Come April, however, that spare time will dwindle a tad as Ethan and Ashley are expecting their first baby!

RACHEL WUMKES – Chamber Blogger

Last (but most certainly not least) there’s me, the writer of the words.  They might not always be the greatest of words, but hopefully they are informative, helpful, and most of all, entertaining to read.

I began my adventure as a part-time blogger for the Chamber in May of 2017.  I remember having to submit a writing example promoting Clear Lake with my resume.  I sat down, thinking I’d never know what to write about, and the words just seemed to flow.  I knew it was fate, and that writing about Clear Lake would never be a daunting task or feel like work.

Along with my Chamber tasks, I also do freelance writing for various companies and organizations around North Iowa.  When time permits (which is not often) I work on my own books.  I currently have published four romance novels and five children’s books under the pen name, Rachel Smith.

I live in Clear Lake with my husband, Shaun, and our five children. Our house is loud, competitive, and all they seem to do is eat us out of house and home.  I spend most of my free time in my laundry room.  Sometimes doing laundry… sometimes enjoying a glass of wine in the peace and quiet.

Clear Lake is, by far, the best place I have ever lived.  There’s never of shortage of activity going on, and the water therapy every summer soothes my soul, filling my tank to get me through the winter months.