It seems that every week I start the Feel Good Friday blog with the same “In the blink of an eye…” or “Just like that, it’s Friday again.”

Not this week.

This week felt like it took 8,887 days to get to this point.

It began on Monday for me, thinking it was Tuesday all day long, causing the rest of the week to crash and burn in something of a spiral effect, winding itself down, day after day after LONG day until finally we made it to Friday.

Can I get an ‘Amen?’

Despite time halting to a stand still this week, there happened to be some good points here at the Lake.

First, they continued work on the Marian Park ice skating rink.  A true staple of winter-time fun in Clear Lake, this is a great place to gather with friends and enjoy this incredible amenity!  However, keep in mind the fluctuating temperatures tend to throw a wrench into skating availability – so follow the City of Clear Lake Parks & Recreation Department Facebook page to stay up to date!

While many of you take this Feel Good Friday to enjoy the coziness of a snow day at home, anglers across the region are busy getting poles ready and organizing their tackle boxes in preparation for the Frozen Feathers Ice Fishing Tournament.  You can refer to this blog post I wrote earlier in the week to learn all about the who, what, when, where and why of the event!  The tournament is held as a fundraiser for Ducks Unlimited, who do great work in our area for wildlife and nature.

Lastly, the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce team celebrated the completion of Destination Clear Lake – the 2022 Visitor Guide with a business after hours and cover reveal party at Tap’d last night.  It was an incredible turnout and a fantastic way to kick off the 2022 year of events and activities at the Lake.

Even though the days are long in January and the sky tends to leak the powdery fluff often, there’s a sense of excitement this time of year.  An urgency of preparation for the months ahead, while still enjoying the many offerings the Lake and the community provide during this “off-season.”

I used quotation marks there because, honestly, there is not “off-season” at the Lake.

While most people would huddle inside their homes and simply let the winter months pass them by, we embrace the weather hand we are dealt, utilizing it to enjoy a whole new realm of outdoor activities.  The Frozen Feathers Ice Fishing tournament is just the start, kicking off a season of snowmobile races, KP’s Yellow Bass Bonanza, the Winter Dance Party, and Color the Wind.

See what I mean?

There’s always something fun to do at the Lake!

Have an amazing weekend, friends.