Well, folks, it’s almost been a month.  I’m not sure if we’ve caught our breath yet after that magnificent 4th of July Celebration, but we’re on the road to recovery!

Talk about a comeback!


The term ‘record breaking’ has been thrown around the Chamber office quite a bit these past few weeks.  Record breaking carnival.  Record breaking BINGO tent.  Record breaking attendance.

Record breaking awesomeness!

I guess that saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ rings true.  We missed our 4th of July Extravaganza SO much in 2020 that we etched the 2021 celebration right onto the top slot of our record books.

And that didn’t just happen on a whim.  We didn’t decide a week before the event to “throw it together” quickly for this year.

You see, this event is an entire year in the making.  Planning the dates, securing entertainment, booking vendors, and obtaining a sufficient number of volunteers.  It’s a giant undertaking put on by a slew of people who deserve a bit of a shout out today to show our abundant thanks and gratitude.

First up – the 4th of July committee.  They work all year long to ensure we have the best, most entertaining extravaganza possible.  They are a dedicated crew who loves what they do!  Particular kudos to the parade committee and many volunteers who get up extra early before the parade to help with set up, ensuring the safety of our parade attendees, and doing their best to direct traffic through town.

Next up is Fireworks Guru Extraordinaire – Rusty Olson.  Rusty has been the head honcho of the Fireworks Display for years.  Himself and his dedicated fireworks crew give up precious time with their family and friends on the 4th of July to make sure we all have the biggest and best fireworks over the lake.  Hats off to you, Rusty!  You guys rock!

And so does Flashing Thunder!  They put on an AMAZING show, once again, over the lake.

Of course, said fireworks display would not be what it is without the generous donations to the IGNITE campaign, as well as event donors and those who financially support the general fireworks cause.  Your gifts are what makes our fireworks amazing year after year and we appreciate your support.

You may have walked by the BINGO tent this year and felt a pull to join in.  That’s because our BINGO volunteers are the best volunteers of all time!  Fun, energetic and willing to give up a few hours during their holiday to help us out.  THANK YOU to everyone who signed up, showed up, and stepped up for this Chamber fundraiser.  You guys killed it this year!

As always, a heartfelt round of applause goes out to the incredible City of Clear Lake, the Clear Lake Police Department, Clear Lake Public Works, and the Clear Lake Fire Department.  Not a lot of towns have such a close-knit collaboration amongst civil services to pull off a long-term event of this caliber, but Clear Lake knocks it out of the park time and time again.  Thank you for your assistance to our community.

And to the Evans family – you guys just bring all the fun.  When you roll into town, the air ignites with energy.  Thank you to your entire crew for sharing your incredible carnival with us!  We can’t wait to see you next year.

As with any large-scale event, none of it would be possible without the generous support of our sponsors.  These are the individuals and businesses who step up to ensure the entire community has incredible activities and music every night in the park.  We cannot express how much we appreciate each of you and are truly honored you have such dedication to Clear Lake!


Larson’s Mercantile

Alice Hanley

Clear Lake Bank & Trust


Joshua Homes


Also, to CLTel and Woodford Lumber & Home who sponsored the Family Fun Day.  And to Kingland, along with CLHS Cross Country Coach, Tyler Havens, who put on the First Annual Freedom 5K Fun Run.

Lastly, thank you to all the Clear Lakers.  For sharing Clear Lake with our countless visitors and guests.  I know it can be daunting at times with so many extra people in town, but this is what makes Clear Lake so great.  Your willingness to roll with the punches and show these folks what our beautiful community is all about.  And the best part?  When they go home… we get to stay in paradise!

Until next year, my friends.