Well, I had “the thought” this week.  You know, the one all mothers have at some point during the summer?

Yeah, that one.  I had it.  It flitted through my mind as my children argued over who was better at a mundane task that means absolutely nothing.

“I’m so ready for school to start!”

The dog days of summer are officially upon us.  The heat is coupled with intense humidity, making the air feel heavy.  Incidentally, in case you’re curious about the Dog Days of Summer, I once upon a time wrote this fun little blog about it.

Personally, I love this time of year.  There’s something comforting about seeing sweet corn trucks parked along the highway, about going to Farmer’s Market and the vendor tables are bursting with garden delights.  It’s a sign the hustle and bustle part of summer – of ball games and swimming lessons and sports camps – have come to an end.

Next week, as there are no school or sports activities for Family Fun Week, it seems like the perfect chance to enjoy all our beautiful lake has to offer.  To sit in the sun and frolic in the cool water.  To take a kayak out for a cruise in the morning or enjoy an afternoon in City Park.  Don’t forget to pick up your Family Fun Packs available at the Visitor Center starting Monday. They are filled with adventures and goodies!

It’s time to fill your tank, Clear Lakers.

This past week, the sunsets over Clear Lake have been astounding.  Shades of orange and gold swirl into a sea of pink as the glow of the sun shimmers against the water.  I don’t know if it’s the haze of the humidity, or just the sheer beauty of our gorgeous town, but there’s simply nothing like it.

It’s one of those things words doesn’t do justice.  No matter how I paint the picture for you, it’s nothing compared to experiencing it for yourself.

Thus, this is my challenge for you in the upcoming week.  As we enjoy the community during Family Fun Week, be sure to take the time and watch the sun sink into the horizon at least one day.  Give yourself that gift as you soak up all summer has to offer before we head into August.  Relish in the fact we live in paradise and get to experience every day what some folks only see once a year while on vacation at the Lake.

Enjoy the respite during these dog days of summer.  It’s the perfect time to shift the focus to family & friends.  To find your happy in the simple things in life.

See you next week, friends.  Make it a great one at the Lake!