How can it be Friday already?  Wasn’t it just Monday, like, 2 minutes ago?  What is happening?

I feel like I’m in one of those sappy Lifetime movies where one minute the main character is young and vibrant and then “blink” she turns into a young mother chasing little kids and then “blink” she’s a middle-aged woman going through a mid-life crisis and then “blink” she’s old.

It’s me… I’m the main character.

Every week my log of activities on Monday morning seems dauntingly lengthy and tedious.  Articles to research, blogs to write, books to sell, social media plans and mounds of paperwork and bookkeeping.  At the very bottom, the final task to end the week is always to write the “Feel Good Friday” blog post for the Chamber.

It’s my Everest, let me tell you.  As I slowly cross bits and pieces off one by one, I wonder if I’ll ever make it.  If I’ll reach the end of my list and finally get to draw that fateful line through the final item.  And then there are weeks like this one where it sneaks up on me like those frisky foxes running around town.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, really.  I mean, time flies when you’re having fun, am I right?  And if you’re spending a week at the Lake and not having fun, you are doing it all wrong!

The intense heat and stifling humidity created the perfect storm for some lazy afternoons at the beach and pool this week.  There’s nothing I love to see more than our beaches littered with families enjoying everything Clear Lake has to offer.  It warms my heart to see folks filling their tanks with sweet, summertime fun during this last bit of summer.

To drive down a packed Main Avenue in the middle of the day as shoppers bounce from store to store.  To take a cruise around the lake and see the countless bikers and people out for a walk; pushing strollers, wrangling dogs who just want to break free and run.

It dawned on me at one point this week… Lake life really IS the best life!  I mean, obviously I’ve known this for quite some time, but it just takes a speedy, crazy-busy week gone by for it to really sink in and resonate.  The reason these weeks seem to pass so quickly is because they’re awesome.

All of them.

All the days and all the weeks.

All of the time is just plain awesome.

Besides the lake time fun and endless beach days, there’s always something to look forward to.  Thursdays on Main last night was like the pre-party before the main event, kicking off another weekend of activity and adventure,  filled with live music, delicious food, Farmer’s Market, the Roc the Lake concerts out at PM Park and so much more.

Take it all in, my friends.

Enjoy every moment.  Relish all the memories made.

Live your best life at the Lake!