Rewards for safe drivers!


Law enforcement officials have teamed up across the county for the ultimate giveaway for safe drivers.  Unticketing Cerro Gordo kicked off Memorial Day weekend and ends August 6, 2023.  This project is a collaborative effort by the Clear Lake Police Department, the Mason City Police Department, Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office, Iowa Highway Research Board, and participating merchants.

So, what is it, actually?

I’m sure you’ve seen the graphic floating around on social media.  I know I have come across it multiple times.

Unticketing Cerro Gordo

Unticketing Cerro Gordo is designed for anyone driving safely and observing the speed limit.  As officers run radar and ticket speeders, they will also take note of those observing traffic laws.  If their license plate matches someone who has registered for the program, they are entered into a drawing.  Every two weeks, prizes will be awarded to randomly selected vehicles observed driving safely in the area.

It’s basically the opposite of getting a traffic ticket!

Prizes will be sent through the mail, so you MUST register your address and license plate number to win.  It is open to residents, visitors, or anyone who drives in Cerro Gordo County.  The only stipulation is that you are a licensed driver in good standing – meaning you have a valid license that is not expired, revoked or suspended.

In fact, people driving on a learners’ permit are even welcome to register!

You don’t even have to be a Cerro Gordo County resident to sign up.  If you’re coming to the Lake for a visit this summer, you can be included.  You simply need to opt-in to win. Campers and motorcycles can register, too.

Here’s how you sign up:

Go to and click on “Opt-in to win!”  From there, you will answer a handful of questions to register.  It’s super simple.  In fact, I registered two vehicles in about 4 minutes.  There is also a handy dandy “Frequently Asked Questions” section I highly recommend.  It clears up any questions about the program you may have.

Kudos to Cerro Gordo County law enforcement for creating this program.  It’s such a unique way to highlight the positive points of driving instead of only the negative.

Studies have shown the power of positive reinforcement to reinforce behavior.  As drivers begin to receive prizes, or even see others receive prizes, it will stimulate the desire to continue such behavior themselves.

With all the distractions possible for drivers these days, a little positive reinforcement is a great idea in my book.  Direct rewards for the type of behavior, or in this case, driving, will encourage people on the road to continue following traffic rules.

Now, this doesn’t mean law enforcement will stop writing tickets to those disobeying the traffic laws.  They will still be out in full force to give warnings and tickets like they have in the past.  This program is simply in addition to their regular duties.

Get yourself signed up today!