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It Takes a Village

BY: RACHEL SMITH One of the coolest events around, by far, is TRI Clear Lake.  It’s something different; something out of the ordinary compared to all our other events.  Unique is the term that springs to mind, actually. But let me tell you, folks, it takes a lot of planning and preparation to pull it off.  Thankfully,...
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Well… now you have to give it a TRI

BY: RACHEL SMITH There’s something to be said about bribery.  I do it to my children all the time; hand out money if they help pick up the house, offer to get them something cool at the store if they ‘just relax’ and let me finish what needs to be done. Yeah… I know all the mother’s...
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Why Should you Give it a TRI?

  BY: RACHEL SMITH As I was perusing through active.com the other day, finalizing my research on a previous article I posted about TRI Clear Lake, I came across this one:  ’10 Reasons you should do a Triathlon.’  It got me thinking…  in random conversations I’ve had with folks here and there, a common thing I hear...
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It’s Time to give it a TRI

photocredit: hdfootagestock.com BY: RACHEL SMITH I found this article on Active.com.  It includes tips and advice for those looking to do their first triathlon.  As I skimmed through the slides, it hit me that anyone really CAN give it a TRI.
  1. Dispel your Fears
    1. This is a big one. Because, honestly, it can be scary.  And most...
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