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My Kind of Run

photocredit: Lake Time Brewery BY: RACHEL WUMKES It seems to be the fad these days.  The cool thing to do. Running. And not just the actual act of running, but participating in the various races throughout the country-side.  There’s the 5K, the 10K, half and full marathons.  I mean, we even have our very own Sprint and Olympic Triathlon...
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Main Street Facelift

photocredit: workdayminnesota.org BY: RACHEL SMITH Change is good.  The perpetual ebb and flow of life, shaking things up and preventing one from becoming stagnant in life.  Some people struggle with change, tending to lean more toward the constants in life.  Keeping things always the same is their security blanket, wrapping them in the knowledge that all will...
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The Invasion is Coming… Labor Day Weekend!

photocredit: oysteryachting.com BY: RACHEL SMITH   You’ve heard me talk about it before.  About the music, the laid-back attitudes, the tribe of island-loving performers that have their sights set on the Surf Ballroom. But do you REALLY know what to expect Labor Day weekend when the Parrotheads invade Clear Lake? You guys… they have so many things planned.  So many...
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