When you’re planning to spend a week at the Lake, the first thing you do is look into renting water equipment, right? Boat – check! Float Pad – check! Water toys – check, check! But did you know one of the most frequently asked questions by tourists who stop into the Chamber is where they can rent bicycles? It seems the age-old pastime of going for a bike ride is alive and well these days.

We all know our friends over at Movement Solutions have the hook-up when it comes to water rentals, but it turns out, they provide options for land lovers as well. Thankfully, they cover both the surf and turf for rentals at the lake, because they have bikes, bikes and more bikes available to rent.

We’re talking adult bikes, kids’ bikes, bicycles built for two, tag-a-longs and even pull behind trailers for the wee little ones. Surrey bikes are available for the whole family to enjoy together. Or there’s my favorite kind of bike to rent… the kind with a motor! That’s right, for a full day of fun at the lake, you can zoom around town (and by zoom, I mean at speeds under 15mph) on a motorized scooter.

Standard bikes for both adults and kids are only $39 for up to 24 hours. The bicycle built for two runs for $59 to rent for up to 24 hours and is generally geared toward two adults. Surry bikes range from $19 for the Delux and $39 for the Limousine – these are hourly rates and are even dropped off at the seawall to maximize your family fun! Each allows for a specific number of people and weight, which can be found on the website.

The extra options for the family is a perfect way to enjoy an afternoon of bicycling fun while including the youngsters. Maybe your little guy or gal can’t quite pedal their legs all the way around the lake… then the Co-pilot Trail is perfect for you! It connects to the back of a regular adult bike and is meant for ages 4 and up (up to 75 pounds). Or there is the Toddler Trailer which holds 2 toddlers (up to 100 pounds) who can sit back and relax while their parents lug them around town!

Even better is their easy-peasy booking system on the website. I don’t know about you, but my patience level tends to run on the low side. When I’m online trying to book something, it needs to be simple and straight-forward.

With Movement Solutions – you are in luck! Simply go to and click on “bikes and scooters” on the top bar. From there, click “book now” and you’re well on your way to procuring the bicycle adventure of your dreams while at the Lake. Simply follow the drop-down instructions and choose your date (open availability will be in green) and the list of possibilities will populate on your screen. Find the bicycles you wish to rent, agree to the terms of service and away you go. You can ride around our beautiful lake or explore one of our bike paths through nature.

Sister’s Prairie Trail: The trail leads from Ventura Heights access to an access off 235th St., just west of Cardinal Avenue on the north side of the road. This scenic paved trail traverses just over a mile through a private prairie-wetland complex (via an easement for public trail use) representative of Iowa’s beautiful prairie pothole region. Trail users are reminded that public use is restricted to the paved trail, as the property is privately owned and the access easement allows for public trail use only.

Trolley Trail: A bike trail is accessible between Clear Lake and Mason City on County Road B-35. This 7.5 mile trail extends into Mason City, where the trail is clearly marked.

Whether you’ve booked your weeklong stay at the Lake, or are a resident looking for something fun and different, Movement Solutions has options galore for Surf and Turf fun. Give them a shout, and soon you can be pedaling into your bicycle exploration of our incredible community!