Shop Local – Shop Small


In the early days of industry, the term “mom and pop stores” were typically used to describe family owned and operated general store or pharmacies.  Today, mom and pop establishments can be a variety of businesses including restaurants, bookstores, repair shops, and much more.

Some have been passed down from generation to generation throughout the years, while others are new concepts, brought about as people have found a need for a certain store to meet consumer needs.  Mom and pop shops also seem to come about when a person discovers a new hobby.  Perhaps a love of baking?  Or finding you’re good at a particular craft?

The biggest battle is the competition with big box stores.  While they are able to mass-produce items for much cheaper than the little guy, the main thing lacking from them is customer service.

And that’s where small businesses shine their brightest!

Owning your own business is not a simple task, by any means.  It takes hard work, dedication, long hours, and countless sacrifices to ensure the doors remain open for customers.  Because of this, there is an intense pride in owning a business.  Thus, resulting in exceptional customer service and quality of products.

Small business owners are also the ones who re-invest in their communities.  Very rarely have I seen a large chain store with their logo on the back of my child’s jersey.  But do you know who I DO see?  The chiropractic office down the street.  Our favorite restaurant.  The local grocery store.  And our hometown bank, just to list a few.  In fact, you can find an entire list in our business directory:

They are the ones who give so generously.  They keep this town going, riding the economic train around every bend, through every tunnel, and up every mountain.  They sponsor our community events to ensure we can provide quality, family-friendly entertainment regularly for little or no cost for those who attend.

They may be small, but they are mighty when it comes to the powerful impact they have on our community.  Our small businesses are the heart and soul of Clear Lake.  A key component in what makes this town such a fabulous place to live, work and play.

Here are a few GREAT tips on how you, too, can support our small businesses, not just today but every day!

  • Give gift cards from your favorite small businesses to encourage others to shop there.
  • Share their social media pages to improve their following.
  • Talk about them. Word of mouth advertising is some of the best advertising small businesses get.
  • Take their business cards and then recommend them to a friend.
  • Be a repeat customer. Remember small businesses are the ones who also support local events and schools, too.

And especially on today, National Mom and Pop Business Owner Day, you can utilize the power of social media and show the world (or at least your friends and followers) your support for small businesses.  Tag them on social media when you patron their store.  You can even use the hashtag #MomAndPopBusinessOwnersDay to get more traction.

Stop in.  Say hi.  Post on social media.  Make a purchase or buy a gift card.  Every little bit helps, and I can tell you from personal experience, there’s nothing quite like making a sale for a small business owner.  Whether you buy one small item, or a whole bunch of stuff – it matters.

Some might even dance a jig of glee.

It’s me… I’m some. 

Do what you can to help that economic train stay on the tracks.  Give your mom and pop business owners a boost today!