Making plans for a week of fun!


It’s here.  The official set up in City Park is in full swing, so there’s no turning back now!  Our premier summer celebration in 2023 kicks off today and is a 7-day extravaganza filled with old fashioned fun.  I know you have all been busy plotting and planning your trips to the carnival.  Scoping out the incredible music lineup and finalizing all the details to celebrate the Decades of Fun.  But have you taken the 4th of July parking situation into consideration?

Parking can be a logistical nightmare if you’re not prepared.

To ensure you have the utmost fun this week, we’ve gathered all the details on where to park, where not to park, and some tips and tricks to avoid parking snafues!

First up, we have the official parking map from the Clear Lake Police Department.

Parking map

As you can see, each area is marked with detailed road closures, handicap parking areas, and restrictions. If you have questions, please give the Clear Lake Police Department a call at 641-357-2186 or flag an officer over in the area. They are ready and willing to help you out!

So, what’s your plan?

As all parking scenarios are on a first come, first serve basis, it might be tricky to plan ahead as you travel closer toward downtown.  With that in mind, my family has always made the conscious decision to park at a distance along the side streets and walk.  That way we don’t get ourselves into a situation where we are unable to get out!

Available parking areas near downtown are:

*City Hall parking lot

*Zion Lutheran Church parking lot

*Half of the VFW lot (not taken by trailers)

*The parking lot behind Rookies

*Portions of the Surf Ballroom Parking Lot – this is closer than you think! Just a few blocks and BOOM, right in all the action.

*Open side streets – there is a lot of parking on Main Ave and South Lakeview Drive by the beach!

On the morning of July 4th, as you make your way to town for the incredible parade down Main Ave, remember traffic will be heavy and parking can be tricky.

In fact, that’s just a good rule of thumb for the entire 7-day extravaganza.  Prepare for A LOT of people out and about as they have all the fun.  Planning accordingly can save you a great deal of headache and hassle.  Coming from someone who’s “been there, done that” a time or two over the years, take heed.

These few tips and tricks can be a lifesaver!

Tips and Tricks

  • Wear comfortable shoes.
    • Seems silly, but being prepared for a bit of a walk with a good pair of shoes is a must. Trust me.  I’ve made the “fashionable” choice before and regretted my decision immediately.
  • Take a picture of your car/surroundings.
    • This is a good one if you are visiting from out of town. It’s easy to get confused, especially when you walk TO city park in the daylight and FROM city park in the dark.  Take a photo – leave a note on your phone.  It will help clarify how to get back to your vehicle after dancing the night away to one of our amazing live music shows.
  • Plan accordingly.
    • Give yourself plenty of time. We are expecting an influx upwards of 100,000+ people over the course of the next week.  Regardless of where you’re going and when… it will be congested.  Leave early so you have plenty of time to reach your destination!
  • Be considerate.
    • If you are parking in front of someone’s home – be considerate. Don’t block their driveway or create unnecessary difficulties for them.

We are excited to have you join us for this incredible celebration of America’s birthday.  The 4th of July is a time for making memories with family and friends.  For taking a moment to step back from the intense responsibilities of everyday life and have a bit of fun.

Enjoy the incredible midway, amusement rides, BINGO tent, free live music, delicious food and all the family fun in Clear Lake.

We’re happy you chose to spend your holiday with us!