Finding Quiet Beauty in Nature


We often talk about hidden gems in Clear Lake.  Places out of the general spotlight, a little off the beaten path, but wonderfully spectacular in their own right.  One of those just happens to be the Galilean Labyrinth.

Located on Highway 18 West, this tranquil destination is the true definition of beauty within nature.  To get to the labyrinth, patrons can simply walk or drive to the back of Galilean Lutheran Church and begin their journey to peace.

The idea for the labyrinth came about well over two decades ago.  The need arose for a place to host an upcoming retreat, which pushed a group of pastors to assist with the project.  After much thought and planning, the labyrinth was designed and constructed in 2000.

As people used and enjoyed the mowed path of the labyrinth, it got the creative juices flowing in some of the church members. As part of their Eagle Scout projects, four young men worked to better the labyrinth.  Chris Sorenson built the gazebo.  Ben, Jacob and Zack Welper constructed a utility shed and installed the Bible verse signage.

Over the years, other Galilean members have taken it upon themselves to plant prairie flowers, build flower boxes, and mow the property.  Each doing their part to preserve and protect the natural beauty of the grounds.

So, what is a labyrinth, exactly?

Honestly, I always thought it was just a maze.

In actuality, labyrinth has a single through route with twists and turns.  It does not branch into other pathways.  A maze, however, is a confusing pathway with many branches, offering choices which can lead to a dead end.  It’s meant to perplex people as they try to find their way to the other side.

A labyrinth is not designed to be difficult to navigate.  Instead, it’s meant to create a sense of peace and tranquility as you calm your soul in the beauty of nature.

For years, Labyrinths have played a pivotal role in Christianity.  They have been prayed, studied, danced, traced, and drawn as Christians sought to a way to draw closer to God.  Using a labyrinth involves moving your body in the fresh air, but also opening your heart to Jesus.

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can be exhausting.  I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had our moment where we simply try to keep our head above water.  Between our jobs, kids, demanding schedules, finding time for family and friends, keeping up with housework and yardwork, it’s a lot.

And it can take a toll on a person.

Both physically and mentally.

Scripture tells us in Psalm 46:10 to “be still and know that I am God.”  Galilean Lutheran Church took that passage to a whole new level.

When your mind is in overdrive, riddled with racing thoughts and fears, the labyrinth is the perfect place to find your center.  To remind yourself what is important in life in the midst of the chaos of daily life.  As you walk along the path, enjoy the splendor, listen to the birds and the wind, and just relax.

These calm, quiet moments tap into a different part of our nervous system which helps to shut down the bodies’ physical response to stress.  That means being still and immersing yourself in the quiet can lower blood pressure as well as decrease your heart rate.

All good things when searching to find balance in life.

Everyone is welcome at the Galilean Labyrinth.  It is open daily from dawn to dusk and there is no charge to enjoy the beauty.  Simply come.  Be in the moment.  Take a spiritual journey amongst the quiet and peace, immersed in the magnificence of nature.

The members of Galilean Lutheran Church hope you enjoy the labyrinth and invite you to join them for Sunday worship at 9:15AM in the labyrinth on the 2nd & 4th Sundays during the summer months.