Let’s Taco-Bout It


The people inside the internet have done it, once again.  They created a day so monumental, so epic, it simply cannot go without celebration.  A day where we not only rejoice in its existence but consume copious amounts quite happily.  It’s National Taco Day.

Americans are rumored to eat over 4.5 billion tacos each year.  If you lined them up end to end, those tacos would take you all the way to the moon and back.  For a favorite food amongst 95% of Americans, it’s no wonder there is a National Holiday to celebrate it!

So why do we love this Mexican fare so much?  Because they’re delicious, of course!

Taco night at my house is always a hit.  We are a good mix of both hard and soft shells.  Taco meat is loaded next, followed by shredded cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, corn, avocado, taco sauce and sour cream.  In the soft-shell tacos, we then add a dallop of nacho cheese and crush up Cool Ranch Doritos before rolling it up.

Mmmmmm.  So good.

The history of the taco is a bit murky.  No one seems to really know for sure when or where it was created.  We do, however, know that the taco originated in Mexico.  Probably centuries ago.  The modern version of tacos came about in the early 1900s when Mexican immigrants began to work on the railroads and in silver mines.

As time went on, tacos became more and more popular.  In the 1960s, Taco Bell hit the scene, and the Tex-Mex version of the taco was born.

One major draw to the deliciousness of tacos is the endless variations.  While my family typically goes with seasoned beef, others prefer chicken, pork, or even fish on their taco.

And toppings?  Well, the possibilities are essentially endless.

It’s no wonder, really, that so many are consumed each year!

So, how can you celebrate National Taco Day?  Well, it’s easy.  Just enjoy a taco (or some version of taco cuisine) today!

Luckily, we have some AMAZING options here at the Lake:

  • Cancun by the Lake – Get in my belly! Their food is so good, just order one of everything.
  • Avion Azul at the Airport – You might go for the atmosphere, but the food is over the top incredible.
  • Gyro Place – That’s right, they serve tacos, too. And they are delicious!
  • Taco John’s – Six pack and a pound? Okay, you twisted my arm.
  • VFW – Thursday night is Taco Night starting at 5pm! It might be a day late, but that just means you get to celebrate two nights in a row.
  • The Other Place – They might not offer tacos on the menu, but their taco pizza is AMAZING.

And if you happen to miss out on National Taco Day, these amazing food trucks will be downtown Clear Lake for Harvest Festival on Saturday.

Food Trucks:

  • Mexican Flavor – Authentic and delicious. What more could you want?
  • Avion Azul – Get all your favorites on the go at their food truck!
  • Titanium Lunchbox – Best Walking Taco around! I know this for a fact, because I consumed about 384 of them during Thursdays on Main this year.

National Taco Day is not just an ordinary culinary celebration; it’s a flavorful fiesta uniting people with various tastes.  Whether you prefer the traditional street tacos of Mexico or Tex Mex creations, there’s a taco for everyone to savor.

Let’s keep the taco love alive not just today, but throughout the year!  Cheers to National Taco Day and the endless possibilities it offers for our taste buds.