Clear Lake is a 3684 acre natural lake. The average depth is 10 feet. Fishing Clear Lake has never been better. Thanks to a $9 million dredging project completed in 2009 on the west end of the lake, the general health of the lake has improved and that has been evidenced by spectacular fishing. The dredging dramatically improved water depth in that area, making the “little lake” a favorite for fishermen.

Weekly Fishing Report

Clear Lake Maps

Clear Lake Species

Fishing Regulations

Bait Shops/Supplies:
You may purchase bait, licenses, and supplies at these locations. *Denotes Clear Lake Chamber Member.

Fishing Guides:

  • Clear Lake Fishing Guides
    Kevan Paul*, 641-529-1259
    Jeff Becker 641-357-3117
    Joel Becker 641-357-4986

Fishing Locations

  • There is a “First Class” cleaning station at McIntosh Woods State Park, supported in part by donations by the Clear Lake Fishing Club.
  • Fishing Jetty at the Ventura Grade
    Located at the west end of Clear Lake, the new jetty is a popular spot to fish the newly dredged little lake.

Public Accesses
There are a number of public accesses (most with docks) to the lake. All docks at public accesses are public docks which are privately maintained and constructed. Please use them as a guest. Street signs appear at the entrance to each access.

  • 16th Avenue South & South Shore Drive
  • Behind 1513 South Shore Drive
  • 15th Avenue South
  • 14th Avenue South
  • 13th Avenue South
  • 8th Avenue South
  • 7th Avenue South
  • 6th Avenue South
  • 5th Avenue South
  • 12 docks are located on North Lakeview Drive (North of Sea Wall)
  • 5th Avenue North
  • Beach Drive
  • Mars Hill Drive
  • North 9th Street
  • State Dock (Highland Drive, across from the Harbourage Condos)
  • 10th Avenue & Lynn Lorenzen Park (Ventura)

Clear Lake Fishing Club

The Clear Lake Fishing Club was formed as a non-profit organization to promote the enjoyment and art of fishing in North Central Iowa. The club maintains high standards of fishing ethics and insists its members comply with all state and local fishing regulations. The club is also dedicated to service in the community and supports several fishing related projects thereby enhancing the quality of fishing in Clear Lake for all.

Annual Walleye Classic
Catch & release tournaments held each May & September, the Classic consistently draws 100 fishing teams and several hundred spectators. For tournament details, visit

Annual Take a Kid Fishing tournament
Held each June on Iowa’s free fishing weekend, this is a great time for young people to learn about fishing and compete for prizes.

Providing increased public access
The club helps with installation and removal costs of several public docks in popular fishing areas.

Prize Fish
Walleyes are tagged with a number, one fish is worth $1000 and 25 additional walleye are worth $100each!  For complete details, visit
Keep track of the tagged walleye caught here.

Yellow Bass Bonanza Ice Fishing Tournament
Held each February, this winter fishing event is one of the Midwest’s largest and kicks off with a big bash dinner with seminars and prizes at the Surf Ballroom and fishing tournament the following day.

For more information, visit the DNR Fisheries website.