Get your Race Face On


Clear Lake’s premier fall event, Harvest Festival, is a hallowed occasion.  On October 1st, women will flock to our beautiful community from far and wide for a day filled with shopping, wine and beer tastings, and to enjoy the sweet sounds of live music.  Plans are set in motion weeks in advance as girl groups prepare for this ultimate girls’ day.

But did you know – before all the hoopla on Main Avenue kicks off – there is a Champagne 5K? Raise your pinky, my friends, because this fun run is THE BEST way to start your Harvest Festival celebration. Registration is 8am at the Lakeview Room in City Park with the run starting at 9am.  The route is along South Shore Drive with a turnaround at the “Y” at S. Lakeview Drive, just before Pine Tree Park!

Now, I can understand the hesitation if (like me) your body was not so much made for the athletic things like running and such.

I get it.  More than you know.

But this race is different.

Here’s why:

  1. It’s FUN – Grab your girl group and get some steps in before the big day spent downtown shopping and eating and drinking and doing all the things.  Crank up some tunes and enjoy a cool morning walk/run/jog along South Shore Drive.
  2. It’s LAIDBACK – There will be no one shouting for you to “run faster” or “push through” – because it’s not that kind of race. And while we DO give out prizes to the top three overall winners, everyone who signs up for the Champagne 5K is a winner in our book.
  3. There’s CHAMPAGNE – Yeah, you read that right. At the turnaround, participants can indulge in a glass of the bubbly.  Then you get to run across a finish line of tiny bubbles and enjoy a pint-size bottle of the fizzy goodness as well.  Obviously, those indulging must be over 21.  But never fear, there are non-alcoholic drinks available for the youngsters!
  4. You get COOL STUFF – Each person who signs up by August 31st gets an awesome beanie. That’s ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!  And, for just $20 more, you can add on a t-shirt to commemorate this event as well.

  1. It’s GOOD FOR YOU – I’ve been told this exercise stuff is good for you. I’m talking “healthy-heart-live-longer” type of good for you.  That, coupled with the enormous mental health benefits of enjoying a fun day with your girl gang… you’ll probably add 5 years to your life.
So, now that you have all the details, what are you waiting for?

Get on the horn, send out a bat signal, whatever it takes to get your friends rounded up and registered.  Hey, maybe it’ll be chilly that day and y’all can strut your stuff down Main Ave wearing your awesome beanies.

CLICK HERE to sign up for the Champagne 5K.  Register by 8/31 to be guaranteed a beanie.  Prices increase after the cutoff date.

CLICK HERE to learn all about Harvest Festival.  CLICK HERE to purchase your souvenir bag.  ALL BAGS must be purchased by August 31st.

Lace up those sneakers and get your race face on.  It’s time to sign up for all the fun!