We saw the end of an era this summer in Clear Lake.  On July 1st, the Senior Center officially closed their doors, a trend we are noticing among many other centers for the elderly in our country.  Between the COVID-19 pandemic halting their fundraising efforts, and the lack of leadership willing to be part of the board, the Center had no choice but to close, leaving the elderly population in town without a place to gather.

Kim Boyd, Property Manager at the Glen Oaks Community, came up with a fantastic idea to help solve this problem.  While not exactly the same services that were offered at the Senior Center, she was able to put together a few options for socialization and activity.

The program will begin in October.  It will serve as a bit of a trial period as they measure interest from the community.  At that point, they will adjust the activities to better suit the number of participants and need for activities.

The first option available for Seniors is a membership to the Boyer Pool and Wellness Center.  This will grant them access to the pool, hot tub, walking paths, gym, including pickleball, fitness center and various fitness classes.  This offering is available for $140/year or $80/six months.  Day passes are also an option for $5/day if that better suits your needs.  Patrons are welcome to use these facilities, and they are open Monday through Saturday.

Glen Oaks Atrium

The other option is an invitation to social time in the beautiful community rooms.  These gatherings are available at no charge (although a free will donation will be accepted during Coffee Chat to help cover the cost of supplies).  At this time, the Glen Oaks Community is not able to offer meals or snacks, but guests are welcome to bring their own snacks for social gatherings should they choose.

Silver Pines Club Room







Here is the current list of activities scheduled:

Mondays: 9am – 11am

Coffee Chat in the Atrium and Silver Pines Club Room. **free will donation**

Tuesdays: 1pm – 3pm

Billiards and Fellowship in the Silver Pines Club Room and Atrium.

Wednesdays: 1pm – 3pm

Cards/500 in the Silver Pines Club Room or Atrium.

This is a great opportunity for anyone 55+, especially those directly affected by the closing of the Senior Center, to gather for a cup of coffee, a game of cards, or simply for fellowship to chat with other residents and guests.

Social activity is a key element for optimizing health in our elderly population.  Consistent socializing helps seniors stay emotionally, mentally, and physically fit. Spending time with others reduces the potential for social isolation in the elderly and the resulting symptoms of depression, cognitive decline, and disease.

Having the option, even if just a few days each week, to have contact with others, will help them on an amazing level.

And remember, residents of the Glen Oaks Community have access to these rooms and amenities 24/7.  If you’re interested in learning more about this fantastic living option, please reach out to Kim Boyd at or give her a call at the office (641) 355-1203.  She would LOVE to give you a tour of the community to see if it’s a good fit for you!