I can commiserate with all you Moms out there… planning a birthday party for your child is hard work.  Unless you’re one of those uber-creative, go-getter types of Moms who never seem to get tired or overwhelmed by life, birthdays can be one of the most daunting tasks.

And then coming up with a new, creative, unique, never-been-done idea the very next year?

Well, seems impossible.

With my gaggle of children, we’ve run the gauntlet on birthday party ideas.  I have to admit, my soul sighs – actually SIGHS – when they get old enough to just have a couple friends come spend the night.

In true Mom fashion, sprinkled with a bit of Chamber excitement, I’ve compiled a list of birthday party options of our incredible Chamber Members.  Thankfully, I had the help of many of you awesome Mom’s out there who so graciously commented on my post on Facebook.

So here you have it – your one stop shop to begin planning an epic birthday extravaganza your kiddo will remember for a lifetime.

Or at least for a few days until the sugar-high wears off!

Plain Ol’ Pumpkins: The perfect place to host a party and have some plain ol’ FUN.  Their party room holds up to 30 people.  You can bring your own cake/food and utensils but there are light concessions and often food trucks on site.  Go to for more information!

The Best Western:  A great choice, especially during those cold, winter months.  You can rent the Veranda room, which is attached to the pool/hot tub area.  Various packages are available which include pizza and pop.  You can bring in your own cake to serve!  It’s a great space and kids seem to love it!  Call 641-357-5253 or email for more information or to book your party!

Central Gardens: The perfect place to immerse your party guests into the beauty of nature (only available during the open garden season).  You can have the party inside the Nature Education Pavilion and then guests can explore the garden to burn off some energy!  Find them on Facebook or check them out at

Lakeview Room: Located under the bandshell in beautiful City Park, this space is a great option to have lots of birthday party fun!  Plus… the park, seawall, and City Beach are literally just a few steps away!  You can also catch a ride on the Lady of the Lake if she’s going out for a cruise! Direct questions to 641-357-5267 or go to to book online!

Charlie’s Soda Fountain: It’s the newest hot spot for delicious sweet treats in town, set to open in the fall of 2021.  They are still in the planning stages on what to offer for birthday party options, so be sure to follow their Facebook Page for updates and details.

The Hub @ Zion: If you are a member of Zion Lutheran Church here in Clear Lake, did you know you can rent out The Hub for parties?  You sure can!  It’s a great space with a full kitchen and gym area for games and sports.  The perfect combination for birthday party awesomeness.  You can contact them through their Facebook Page or go to

Battlefield Midwest: It’s time to get your laser tag on, bro!  Your party will be the talk of the classroom for days after an epic laser tag battle.  Not only that, but there are 2 themed escape rooms.  Rather have the party at home? There’s mobile laser tag option if you have the space!  Check out their Facebook Page, give them a call at (641) 357-9528 or go to

Larch Pine Inn: Oh. My. Goodness.  This one caught me by surprise, and I think it is just the MOST adorable idea EVER.  A Tea Party!!!  Have your guests dress in their fanciest best dress and enjoy a tea party at the Larch Pine Inn.  Find them on Facebook, give a call at 641-357-0345 or go to

Lake Theatre: What a cinema-tastically excellent idea!  While nothing is set in stone, the theater will work with birthday party parents to coordinate a special rate and treats.  They play movies daily at 7PM and matinees on Satu/Sun at 1:00 and 4:00.  Feel free to contact them on Facebook, or call 641-357-2414.

YMCA – This great facility is able to offer the works when hosting a birthday party. Use the gym, pool, or even the climbing wall! Options for the gymnasium include inflatables, dodgeballs, gymnastics, and many more options! A private room to hold gifts, eat cake and decorate for a celebration!  Go to for ALL the details.  For more information or to book, contact Haley at 641-422-5992.

Clear Lake Pool:  Obviously only a good option during the summer months when the pool is open, but still a great choice!  Check out or find them on Facebook to book your party.

North Iowa Figure Skating Club: Another cute idea I have never thought of before!  Plus, another fun idea for INSIDE during those cold, winter months!  Find the NIFSC on Facebook or check them out at

Park, Park, Baby:  Okay, that might not be quite how that old song goes.  But seriously, who doesn’t love a good old birthday party at a park?  And even better… Clear Lake has a whole ton of parks to choose from!  Click Here to see a map and listing or check out the info at

WHEW!! That’s a lot of options to choose from, am I right?  Funny, I started thinking about all the different parties my kids have gone to over the years, and all the different gifts I’ve given.  Stay tuned for another blog in the future about unique gift ideas utilizing our local shops and businesses!

And you have yourself a HAPPY Birthday!