Living in Iowa, talking about the weather is just part of everyday conversation.  We talk about the heat and humidity, about abnormal spikes and dips in temperatures for the time of year.  After a rain, everyone wants to know how much people had in their gauges around town.

You might not realize it, but the weather is definitely the boss of you.  It dictates your activities and plans for the day and can ruin your weekend at the drop of a hat.  Or, the drop of actual rain, really.

In a nutshell, we live and breathe by the weather.

With every change of season in Clear Lake comes a different aspect of awesomeness.  The fall brings school, football Friday nights, and the Harvest Festival.  In the winter, ice fishing takes precedence on the lake, and we look forward to the Color the Wind event.

But it’s this season… the one we’ve just begun… which is my absolute favorite.


There’s just something about enjoying a meal outside in the beautiful weather.  I can’t explain it.  Sitting on a patio while the summer sun sets across the beautiful lake elicits a sense of peace.  Of simplicity.  It’s all the best parts of Clear Lake rolled into one happy moment.

So, where does one go in Clear Lake to indulge in the ultimate patio experience?  We’ve put together this handy-dandy list for you.

Bon Appetite!

  1. Ge-Jo’s by the LakeEnjoy authentic Italian cuisine in a casual dining atmosphere outside on the porch overlooking beautiful clear lake and the city park.
  2. The Other Place – With a special menu specific to their deck area, you can’t go wrong enjoying a meal outdoors at the OP!
  3. The Rooftop Patio at K&BNothing screams sophistication like the Rooftop patio at K&B Emporium. Indulge in one of their delicate cocktails or enjoy a bite to eat surrounded by beauty.
  4. Lake Time Brewery – Your inner beer snob will celebrate by raising a glass to the glorious days of summer. Enjoy a cold brew on the deck, the patio, or one of the picnic tables on the lawn!
  5. Sunset Sharky’s – All your troubles will float away in this “Margaritaville” inspired outdoor Tiki Bar with lake views!
  6. The Landing on Clear Lake – Located behind the Lakeside Inn on South Shore Dr. overlooking the beautiful Clear Lake. They serve classic American cuisine and cold drinks all summer long!
  7. PM Park and Tiki BarA casual family restaurant that focuses on great food in an unbelievable gorgeous setting. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily and have tons of live music events planned for the summer.
  8. District Rock ‘n Roll GrillA one of a kind restaurant created to offer a UNIQUE Clear Lake dining experience that ROCKS! Perfect to grab food and drinks before heading to the Surf Ballroom for a show!
  9. Muskie Lounge – Stop in for their fish fry, burgers, sandwiches and more. Or enjoy a drink on the lake at the outdoor bar, open every weekend of the summer.