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I know you’ve seen the sign-up information.  But you’re dragging your feet, right?

Should I do it?

Can I do it?

Trust me, I know all the things flitting through your mind.  The negativity or uncertainty that swirls around, preventing you from pulling the trigger and getting yourself signed up.

How about today we just do it?!  It’s time to put a little spring in your step, bite the bullet, and get signed up for the Earth Day 5K/10K run.

Once you have made the conscious decision to do this, you will still have approximately FIVE whole weeks to get yourself whipped into tip-top shape.  Get on the Google and find a training app to help.  Or, just get outside and start running!

You don’t have to train like you’re going to the Olympics, you simply need to get to that sweet spot where you don’t feel like you could actually die.


After having the run virtual last year due to being in the peak season of COVID, it’s refreshing to have an actual race with actual people taking place IN PERSON.  Wahoo!  And even though there are winners for the top racers, the Earth Day race is not a hard-core race for super-serious athletes only.  In fact, should you choose to walk the route, that is 100% okay!

The event kicks off on at the Main Ave boat ramp at 9AM on Saturday, April 17th.  Racers will make a loop around City Park before heading onto South Shore Drive.  The turnaround will take place at the Y Intersection, at which point competitors will make their way back toward downtown, ending the race at the Lady of the Lake.

This race is the perfect opportunity to get the whole family involved.  It’s more about getting yourself outdoors and moving than it is being the fastest or getting first place!  Especially after being cooped up indoors for those long winter months.  It’s time to shake off those winter blues and get back to the land of the living.

If you’re still on the fence and need a bit of a push to get signed up, you MUST be registered by March 19th in order to ensure you receive this awesome long-sleeved t-shirt!

To register, simply go to the Clear Lake Earth Day website and click on SIGN UP.  From there, you can follow the prompts to fill in your information and process payment.

Easy-peasy, right?


Now, get on the horn and find a friend to register as well.  Or a co-worker.  Or a neighbor.   I know from experience that it is much more fun to run (or walk) with a friend, so find a buddy willing to register and enjoy this fun-filled event together!

The Earth Day 5K/10K is the kick-off to a series of activities in Clear Lake pertaining to protecting Mother Earth and keeping her clean.  For more information on the full event, visit

See ya on race day!