Goodbye 2022… Hello 2023!


It seems we have, once again, reached that strange end-of-the-year week.  You know, the one where no one really knows what day it is?  My kids have turned into zombies playing video games for hours on end, and our diets consist of copious amounts of cheese and alcohol.

Still, it’s one of my favorite weeks.  A time to reflect on the previous year and make grand plans for the new one.

The past few years have brought about one significant word to describe our year at the Chamber.  Last year we focused on the word ‘garbage.’  As the Lake came back to life following the effects of COVID-19, we saw an influx of people who seemingly created more garbage than we could handle.

It was an epic, year-long battle, but we persevered and overcame the issue.

In 2022, I’d have to say the word is ‘progress.’

Clear Lake has been an explosion of activity when it comes to infrastructure, housing, and development.  New projects seem to pop up with hopes of continuing the efforts to maintain not only our status of being a premier Midwest Destination, but one heck of a place to live and work.

With progress, however, comes an influx of nostalgia.  Sometimes it can be hard for people who grew up with things being a certain way to let them go.  I get it.  That was your childhood.  Your memories are connected to what it was.

But now it’s time to move forward.

With the announcement of the Surf District revitalization project came an abundance of excitement.  What an amazing opportunity for our community to showcase our incredible Surf Ballroom and create a destination for people to enjoy!  That’s progress, people!

It’s exciting.  It’s us moving forward to better our community.

Progress is a good thing, and I can’t wait to see how much we make in the new year!

It’s okay to hold tight to the many memories of days passed.  That’s why we have photographs and archives at the Library and the Historical Society.  Our history is what shaped Clear Lake, what made it into the incredible community it is today.

And now we look to the future.  With anticipation and excitement, I am beyond proud of the city officials and local businesses who worked so diligently in 2022 to keep us moving forward.

The best is yet to come in Clear Lake, my friends.  And I’m excited for the ride!

So, as we slide into another year here at the Lake, our hope for you is that it is filled with promise and hope.  May it be your best year yet as you fill up each day with precious memories, living your best life whether you’re here full time or are a seasonal resident.

We are beyond thankful for an amazing year here at the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce.  But never fear, we still have a few tricks up our sleeve for next year.  Because that’s just what we do… always working for the best interest of the community to build a bigger, better, more amazing Clear Lake.

Cheers and Happy New Year!