There is a new resident who has just become an official Clear Laker.  All the way from Indiana, the most recent addition to the Movement Solutions fleet has made it’s landing in town.  While currently in the process of getting a full-on renovation to heighten the ultimate party experience, the staff is busting their tails to ensure it’s ready for the water this summer.

They call her, Party Palooza.

And oh boy, is she ever the life of the party!

Our friends over at Movement Solutions thought of it all.  I can only imagine the brainstorming session that took place when designing this boat.  Because it has everything.

Literally. Everything.

The Party Palooza stretches 25 feet long and is rated for 16 fun people.  Do note the key point there is “fun” people.  Non fun people might want to just stay on shore, because I’m not sure you’d be able to handle all the fun they have packed on board.

Not only does is have a super-power water cannon (which could possibly be outlawed by the end of the season), but a life size Twister board on the deck.  If you’re more the laid-back type of partier, a six-foot bar drops down to water level for you and your friends.

And be prepared, because EVERYONE is going to want to be your friend when you cruise up to State Beach in this baby!

As if that’s not enough already, don’t forget the Sky Trampoline.  You can show off your acrobatic skills as you free fall into the water from above.  Thankfully, there’s a comfortable lounger for relaxing if you overdo it on all the fun.  Word on the street is it was stolen from the Hilton pool, but I think that was just a rumor.

You can’t believe everything you read on the internet, right?

Finally, because no party is complete without serious tuneage pumping through the speakers, there’s a killer sound system so you can truly party like a rock star.

This unit is a 6-hour rental.  To find available dates, simply click on this link and go to BOOK NOW.  Don’t dilly-dally, because this puppy will get booked up for the summer FAST.  I mean, everybody and anybody will want their turn with a super-power water cannon, right?

Oh!  And did I mention you get a FREE floatpad when you rent this Party Palooza?  ‘Cuz ya sure do!

Seriously, this boat is like Oprah!  “And YOU get to have fun!  And YOU get to have fun!  Everybody gets to have all the fun!”

Alas, because the mother in me feels the needs to waggle my finger back and forth to remind you of water safety, it might be best to familiarize yourselves with this document.  They call it the “dirty details” which is basically the ins and outs of safety on the water and how to ensure everyone that goes out on the Party Palooza boat, comes back in to land safely!

Kudos to Movement Solutions for continually finding fun, unique ways to provide entertainment for the many residents and vacations of this awesome community.  They are so very vital to the prosperity of what Clear Lake encapsulates.

See you at the Lake!