**updated post from May 27, 2021**

It’s Time for Summer Fun!


Beach days are the best days of summer.  Your toes in the water, the sun shining down from a cloudless sky.  It’s easy to cast your cares away and get lost in the simplicity of the moment, enjoying every ounce the beauty of Clear Lake has to offer.

To ensure the utmost perfection for your day of frolicking along our beaches, we’ve compiled a list of tips for the ultimate beach day in Clear Lake!

  1. Timing is Everything
    • To get the most out of your beach day experience, you’ll want to get there early.  Especially on the weekends, I suggest mid-morning to secure the top spot on the beach for the day.  Bonus… if you go early enough, it’s the perfect opportunity to snag a cup of piping hot joe from Cabin Coffee!
  2. Snacks, Snacks, and more Snacks!
  3. Quench Your Thirst
  4. Here Fishy-Fishy
    • We are known as being one of the best fishing destinations in the Midwest. Clear Lake Bait & Tackle has fishing poles, accessories and all the bait you’ll need.  As an added bonus, their staff is beyond knowledgeable about where the best bite is at on the lake.
  5. The Proper Attire
  6. “All the things” for Beach Day
    • No visit to the beach is complete without the proper gear, and Larson’s Mercantile can hook you up. Floaties, sunscreen, sand toys, beach towels, water guns – they carry all the things for the ultimate beach day in Clear Lake.
  7. Where to Go
    • There are 2 premier beaches to choose from. State Beach is a shallow area along South Shore close to campgrounds.  It’s ideal for lounging on a floatie or playing in the water.  City Beach is located downtown.  With the Splash Pad and City Park in walking distance, it creates the Trifecta of beach day awesomeness.
  8. Know the Beach Day Rules
    • It’s always a good idea to be mindful of others in the area when choosing your space. No one is a fan of having people right on top of them!  Glass bottles and containers are a definite NO at the beach.  Also – make a mental note of garbage locations upon arrival.  We all need to do our part to keep our beaches clean!
  9. The Need for Speed
    • There is nothing quite like the feeling of whipping across the water on a wave runner! Stop into Clear Lake Boats and check out their various rentals to satisfy your need for speed on the water.  Or, give Jake a call at Freedom Boat Club and let them take the hassle out of your boating adventure on the Lake.
  10. Life in the Slow Lane
    • If you prefer a lazier, more relaxing day on the Lake, check out Clear Lake Adventure Rentals!  They have boats, kayaks, stand up paddle boards, float pads and more to ensure you have the most fun on the water.  If you prefer solid ground, they have campers for rent, bikes and other various outdoor equipment!  Or, check out Lake Life Rentals for the hookup on ebikes, jeep rentals, and luxury golf carts to cruise around town.

Don’t let the sweet days of summertime pass you by in a blur, be sure to take time and enjoy everything the beautiful beaches of Clear Lake have to offer!

As always, you can find a complete listing of all our amazing restaraunts & bars on our directory.