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Fall Fun Wrap-Up

photocredit: darrenbooth.com BY: RACHEL SMITH I didn’t think I’d be doing this so soon, but after Mother Nature decided to dust us with a little preview of the winter months to come, I figured it was time to wrap-up our fall fun before it was too late! Raise your hand if you had fun at Harvest Fest!   Read more

Livin’ for the Weekend

photocredit: garberiaw.com BY: RACHEL SMITH Raise your hand if you feel this has been the longest week of all time?  Yup!  I agree, and it’s only Tuesday, people. Normally I love the weekdays.  I know, it doesn’t sound right when it hits my ears either.  But you see, I’ve got a pretty sweet gig, working from home in...
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When All Else Fails… Drink Wine!

photocredit:  winemag.com BY: RACHEL SMITH Well, folks, it’s finally that time.  Time for the big bad blog post about the very heart and soul of Harvest Festival. It’s time to talk wine. I began today's blog journey with a little research on the eleven fabulous wine stations.  It’s almost hard to believe these extraordinary places are located throughout Iowa. ...
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You can Shop til you Drop

photocredit: hayesmansion.com BY: RACHEL SMITH Yes, yes, it’s another post about Harvest Festival today.  But seriously, it’s such an amazing event in Clear Lake that it’s deserving of so many posts. So we’ve covered the bands, the Iowa Distilling Company, the amazing prizes, the spectacular gift certificates.  But we haven’t yet touched on the many vendors that set...
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