Fresh beginnings. New life. All the fun.


Springtime at the Lake is one of my favorite seasons.  New life begins to sprout, opening up a world of possibility for the upcoming season of sun and fun at the lake.

With the completion of Spring Break week, I can’t help but notice a distinct change in my mood.  Maybe it was the vacation to warmer climes. Maybe not.  As I begin to inch my way toward the geriatric years, I’ve noticed a shift in how I perceive space and time.

For example, before Christmas I revel in the beauty of the falling snow.  The apparent drop in temperatures doesn’t even faze me.  I simply don my adorable stocking hat and scarf as I brave another North Iowa day amongst the elements.

Everything is beautiful. People are happy.

Life is good.

After Christmas, however, my surroundings seem to turn into a giant mud hole.  My kids drag in sand and grit after school and track it all over my house.  The air is dry, and cold, and just plain awful.  My skin begins to morph into alligator mode.

Nothing looks pretty. Some days I fear we will never see the sun shine again.

In a nutshell… life is awful.

But now?  Well, as I mentioned earlier, Spring Break week is over, and things have shifted.  Spring sports are running full speed ahead and the kiddos are on the downslope of the school year.  The snow is melting, and ice is, once again, turning back to liquid form on our beloved lake.  The sun has made its official return, warming everything around us.

Soon, the people will begin to emerge from their homes.  Many will venture outside for a walk or jog.  Others will pull out the bicycle from storage and take it for a spin. Be sure to refresh your memory on the many scenic stops along your lake lap on this blog post.

Before we know it, vacationers will begin to flock to our beautiful community to enjoy all the things.  Just like that famous line in Field of Dreams… people will come!

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They’ll sit on patios and enjoy an ice-cold beverage.  They’ll rent boats and kayaks and spend their vacation soaking up all the Clear Lake fun.  The beaches will be filled with tan, happy people.  And City Park will be a buzz of activity as families enjoy a picnic lunch near the water.

Springtime in Clear Lake isn’t just the end of winter – it’s the beginning of the best time of the year!  It’s fresh air and sunshine and the return of outdoor events.

Oh, and don’t forget all the fun you’ll have getting your home, lawn and garden into tip-top shape this spring.  Here are a few important dates you definitely DO NOT want to miss!

spring cleaning

I do have to admit, though, this winter had a pretty incredible showing of “fun stuff to do.”  The bars and restaurants stepped it up about seventeen notches over previous years with all the live music, game nights, trivia, bags and bingo.  I give y’all a gigantic gold star for keeping us entertained through the frigid cold and snow.

As we begin to morph into this new season, be sure to stay up to date on ALL the fun going on around town and with our awesome chamber members.  Sign up to receive our weekly events email which highlights happenings and activities.

As always, we look forward to seeing all your smiling faces as you enjoy our many signature events.