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With so many events and activities around the country being cancelled or postponed due to the global pandemic, there’s one still on the books in April.  It will just look a tad different than in other years.

Earth Day is all systems GO!  Well, most systems, anyway.

Individuals are encouraged to celebrate the environmental ‘holiday’ in their own way, making it their own, unique experience to become one with nature.

Earth Day started in 1970 with the purpose of raising awareness and demonstrating support for environmental protection.  Highlighting the negative impact our actions as mankind have on our environment and on Earth as a whole.  Over the years, our community has observed the event by bringing awareness to our youth, organizing city-wide clean ups and fun activities to promote the care and upkeep of the outdoors.

This year, as I stated above, things will look a bit different.  So how can one observe Earth Day while in isolation and practicing social distancing?  Here are 7 easy steps to ensure our beautiful planet is healthy and thriving for years to come!

  1. Plastic inventory
    1. How many plastic items are inside your home? Count the number of containers, wraps, bottles and bags you own.  Research products with a more sustainable packaging and purchase on your next shopping trip.
  2. Treat Earth Day like New Year’s Eve
    1. Make an Earth Day Resolution. Something simple you can stick to for the next year.
    2. For example: RECYCLE!
  3. Everybody Clean Up!
    1. Take a trash bag and go for a walk. Clean up around your neighborhood or a park.  The winter tends to leave behind a plethora of garbage, strewn about from the cold bitter winds.  Time to clean it up!
  4. Get Dirty
    1. Plant flowers. Plant a tree.  Start an herb garden in your kitchen window.  It doesn’t hurt to get your hands a little dirty.
  5. Practice Conserving Water
    1. It’s estimated that Americans use 80-100 gallons of water each day. One simple way to conserve water usage is taking a shorter shower.
  6. Turn the Lights OFF!
    1. Don’t we all yell this at our children multiple times every day? When you leave a room, flip the switch and turn off the lights.  This simple concept saves a lot of energy.
  7. Let’s get PHYSICAL
    1. Sign up for the virtual 5k/10k race. This event can be completed any time between April 22 – 26.  You can run, walk, jog, skip, or dance your way to completion.
    2. Sign up HERE. The cost is $25 for adults and $15 for kids (12 and under).  Make it a family affair to get outside and get moving.  Plus, every participant gets this awesome shirt!

ADULT shirt

KIDS shirt


Clear Lake’s natural beauty is what attracts so many people to the area.  An influx of tourists flock to our serene little slice of Heaven to enjoy the lake and all it entails.  Thank you to everyone who does their part to ensure the beauty remains.  Every little bit helps when it comes to picking up trash and keeping our community clean and vibrant.

A special round of applause to our Earth Day sponsors.  Their investment into community betterment for the greater good of all is what makes Clear Lake a cut above all the rest.

We thank you.  Mother Earth thanks you.

Be sure to post any of your exciting Earth Day photos on social media, using the hashtag #ClearLakeEarthDay


Together – but at an acceptable social distance – we can make a difference!