Imagine my surprise when, in a desperate attempt to find something cool to write about this week, I stumbled upon the National Day Calendar.  It always seems to come through for me, supplying some sort of prompt I can turn into an awesome blog post. And today was a true winner.

Because today, my friends, is National High Five Day!

While it may be frowned upon to physically give someone a high five due to social distancing and all the nasty germs floating around these days, we can still celebrate, right?


Jim and Pam from The Office had the right idea, making the long distance high five popular long before anyone had even heard the words ‘COVID-19’ or ‘social distancing.’

So what is this holiday and how does it work?  Well, lets look into a brief history.

Observed on the 3rd Thursday in April each year, National High Five Day is a fun day where you can high five everyone you see (except this year).

Folklore swirls around the origin of the high five itself. Some say the first congratulatory act was after Dusty Baker hit a home run in the final game of the Dodger’s 1977 season. Others will argue that it was on the Louisville Cardinals basketball court during the 1978-1979 season. The team switched up their regular low-fives, starting a new trend of giving it “up top.”

Out of all the triumphant sports gestures, like the fist bump, the fanny slap, the fist pump, the end zone dance, and the chest bump, the high five is in a class of its own.

Today, I would like to give a great big virtual high five to everyone in the town of Clear Lake. You guys have come through in a big way for our local economy, helping small businesses keep their doors open while we muddle through these uncertain times.

My FaceBook feed is littered with cool photos from The Kindness Project as people send flowers, donuts, cookies, gift cards, and even beer to their friends and neighbors. The ripple effect of awesomeness this has created throughout Clear Lake is what this town is all about. Putting smiles on the faces of so many people. People who are scared, or worried, or just plain tired of being cooped up inside the house.

This week has been a tough one for many. I think we reached critical mass, where the stress and anxiety of the whole situation really set in. The uncertainty weighs on the shoulders of so many people. On workers who are currently unemployed. On small business owners who have poured their heart and souls into building their company. On parents who are trying to balance working from home with teaching their kids without completely losing their minds.

On everyone who just wants to know… when will this end?

So, let’s give them all a great big high five.  Let’s order take out this weekend. Grab some popcorn from the movie theatre and beer from the brewery and check out the online retail selection from your favorite local store. Eat donuts. Have a cup of soup and a sandwich from Starboard. Grab a cup of coffee.

Do all the things.

And parents give yourself a great big high five because not one single part of any of this is easy.

Thanks for being awesome.  Please continue your awesomeness on and hopefully soon we can greet you all with an actual germ-free high five!  Your positivity and willingness to support our local economy makes us proud to live in this community.

See ya – at a socially acceptable distance – at the Lake!