Building a Better Tomorrow


Exciting developments are underway for MBT Bank.  This trusted financial institution with deep roots in the Clear Lake community has embarked on a journey to build a new office space at the corner of Highway 18 & North 8th Street for its valued customers and employees.  As the dust settles and the vision for the new facility begins to take shape, we dive into the details of how MBT Bank is taking its commitment to excellence to new heights.

MBT has always focused on improving the services offered to better the lives of customers and the communities they serve.  In Clear Lake, their commitment has been evident since they first opened their doors in 2001.

And that commitment isn’t going anywhere!

While the outside may look a bit different, you can count on MBT Bank to remain a strong community bank.  One who partners with customers to achieve their financial success and give back to their many charitable causes.

So, why the new digs?

The main reason is because MBT leases their current building.  In the new location, they will own instead of lease.  While the move may be just down the street, owning their new building has several benefits.  First, it allows MBT to build equity over time.  Additionally, owning their property offers greater control and flexibility over the space, allowing for customization to meet their unique needs.  For MBT, owning the new property is simply a practical choice over leasing.

Another key factor is how technology has changed the banking industry.

The current MBT building located on Highway 18 was built twenty years ago.  Back then, it met the specifications of what they needed to provide the best possible service to their customers.  Over the years, however, with changes in technology seeming to happen at lightning speed, those needs have changed.

“With new technologies like ACH, direct deposit and online banking, there is more usage by customers for remote deposit.  As a result, our in-person traffic is not the same as it was 20 years ago,” stated Market President, Kent Thoe.  “Even our drive-up needs have changed,” he continued, “Having three lanes isn’t necessary anymore.”

The pandemic also played a key role in many of the mobile banking changes.  It pushed several MBT customers into the realm of online banking, especially once they realized the ease of using these free services.

At the new facility, MBT will focus on modernization while still striving to meet the needs of customers in every stage of life.  The upgraded floor plan will make employees more visible and accessible to the public.

While the new location is central to the community being at a heavily travelled intersection, there are a few misconceptions in need of clarification.  Often times, businesses move to a new location because they have outgrown their current one.  At MBT, their issue is just the opposite.

They no longer need the extra space.  Paper trails are now kept in digital format, creating less of a need for the storage of documents.  MBT will not be limited by the new space, even though it is smaller.  They are simply streamlining their business practices to best suit their needs.

Another question they are often asked is “Where are people going to park?”

With the ongoing construction at their new site, it can be difficult to envision the final product.  MBT has plans for 4 parking spaces directly in front of the building.  Employees will park off to the east side where there will be an additional 16 spaces.  Right now, that area is covered with dirt piles and construction materials.

Customers can enter the property from 8th Street, or from the turning lane if they’re coming from the East.  The new drive-through lane and an ATM will be positioned on the back side of the building for those looking to get in, get their business done, and get out quickly.

“We are excited to be taking this next step in our commitment to Clear Lake,” Thoe said.  “We’re still the same MBT.  Our hours will remain the same and we’ll offer the same great service.  Just in a new location.”

Construction is scheduled to be completed during the summer of 2024.

To learn more about the products and services offered by MBT, visit or find them on Facebook.