It’s a summer of music!!


There’s something to be said about listening to live music.  Whether you’re at a stadium concert, a local dive bar, or hanging out on a patio on a warm summer night.

It’s impossible to be in a bad mood.

And why is that?

I’ve often thought it was the magical feeling of being summer at the Lake that sparked all the happy feelings.  Turns out, it’s not really the venue at all, but the music itself.  Live music carries an energy you just can’t get from a recorded version.  It’s a combination of there being no do-overs, no auto tune to make sure it sounds just right.

Live music is when the raw talent of a musician really shows.

But did you realize there are legit health benefits to listening to live music?  True story.  So, the next time you’re debating on grabbing those tickets to a show at the Surf, or hitting up one of our local establishments to take in a local band… you have an excuse.

Because real medical people say you should!

In a study published by in 2016, there are six key reasons why going to concerts is good for your health.  With key correlations between one’s mental and physical well-being, it makes sense that attending a concert can provide the following benefits to your mind and body.

  • Stress Reduction – Can’t get enough of this one, am I right? Between all the troubles going on amongst us in the World today, everyone needs an escape.  A place where they can let all the perils of our busy lives disappear and let the music wash over them.
  • Pain Relief – This is where the “happy mind – happy body” philosophy comes to life. By shifting our focus from injury or pain and stimulating the artistic side of your brain, we can temporarily fool our bodies into feeling better.
  • A sense of connection and community – I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve bonded with the people around me during a concert. Some of them even became lifelong friends!
  • An opportunity to reflect on your life – Oh, Lordy be! Raise your hand if this has happened to you!  When those lyrics hit you right in the feels and the music filters deep into your soul – two words – LIFE. CHANGING.
  • Good Exercise – SO TRUE! Whether you’re jamming out on the dance floor, or simply tapping your foot to the beat, that heart rate increases and gets your blood pumping!
  • A sense of well-being – With all those good endorphins coursing through your veins when you’re at a live show, it doesn’t take long for your brain to catch up. Happiness, euphoria, self-worth… they are increased, giving you that feeling of “My life is pretty great!”
In Clear Lake, the live music scene has always been a hot one.

Local bands playing bars and outdoor patios during the summer months, concerts at the Surf, and the Municipal Band playing in the bandshell.  There are ample opportunities to hit up multiple shows each week.

Check out these attractions and businesses who are key in keeping the live music scene alive and thriving in Clear Lake.

Thursdays on Main

4th of July Extravaganza



PM Park

Sunset Sharky’s

173 Craft Distillery

The Legacy Grill

Lady of the Lake – Dockside night

The Surf Ballroom and Museum

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