To commemorate this fantastic holiday which is celebrated annually on the third Wednesday in October, we’ve put together a bit of a checklist on ways you, too, can support your local Chamber of Commerce.

While most Chamber organizations focus solely on their members and the economic vitality of their community, the Clear Lake Area Chamber is different.  Unique.  Some would even say… special.  Because we are more than just a driving force of assistance for our members, we are also host to multiple signature events throughout the year, put on for the enjoyment of our many residents and tourists.

Who are we exactly?  Meet our staff!

At the helm of our organization, leading the cavalry to charge daily, is President and CEO, Stacy Doughan.  The mastermind behind those awesome events year after year is Events Director Trish Fundermann.  She’s not alone though, her trusty sidekick, Jenny Fasbender, is with her every step of the way.  The wrangler of our numerous tourists, the one herding them to Clear Lake to stay, play and shop is Libbey Hohn.  Ashley Weiss is our Administrative Assistant, the one who knows all the things and can answer all the questions!  Then there’s me, Rachel Wumkes, word-wizard extraordinaire.

We make a heck of a team, championing our efforts to ensure our members are equipped with everything they need to achieve economic success.  We are the cheerleaders, the problem solvers, the instigators of social activity for Clear Lake.

We put our heart and soul in everything we do to better the Clear Lake community and, not to toot our own horn (but I can because it’s National Chamber of Commerce Day), we are pretty darn good at it!

So how can YOU encourage your local Chamber of Commerce?  Here are the top six ways to show your support.

  1. Financially
    • This is an obvious one… and simple! We are always looking for sponsors to help provide the best entertainment and experiences for our events.  Or, you can simply make a donation to the organization to be utilized where it is most needed.
  2. Volunteer
    • Finding help to pull off all these events is a key element in their success! We are currently in the process of building a master volunteer database, a list of names to call upon when we need help manning an intersection or working a booth.  If you’d like to add your name to this list, please send an email to
  3. Join a Committee
    • This not only is a good way to lead our organization to the best possible outcome but can be a rewarding process for you as well. Networking with other business professionals and making connections, all while doing good for the betterment of your community!
  4. Be a ‘Social’ Butterfly
    • We sure do LOVE to engage with the community on our social media pages. The best way you can help us support our business community is to LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE those posts!  The more activity, the more they’re seen by the public.
  5. Attend Events
    • You already get a gold star for this one! Seeing all your smiling faces as you support our many signature events makes our hearts soar.  For details on all the fantastic events held throughout the year, go to our website at
  6. Shop Local
    • I’ve saved the most important for last. When you shop at locally owned or independent businesses in your community, more money is kept within the community.  The ‘little guy’ is your neighbor, your friend, and buying from them doesn’t just mean you’re getting an incredible product and service but creating a ripple effect through the community.  Because that ‘little guy’ will turn around and spend their money in town, too, compounding the economic effect and making Clear Lake one incredible place to live.

So, there you have it, my friends.  A comprehensive guide on how you can best support your local Chamber of Commerce.  The Clear Lake community has been on our side for a lot of years, backing our many endeavors as we do what we can to better serve this community.

We are beyond THANKFUL for all of your support through the years, and look forward to continuing in the future!