A Celebration of Latino Culture


This weekend marks one of the biggest events of the season for Central Gardens.  Their grounds will be transformed from an oasis of peaceful tranquility to a celebration of Latino culture!  Bright colors will bring this incredible display of heritage to life.  You don’t need to bring your own maracas, but if you have some at home then you can shake, shake, shake your way on over to the party in Clear Lake!

The fun kicks off on Sunday, September 18th at 2:00PM.

First up on the fun docket is inside the Nature Education Pavilion.  There, you’ll find an exquisite art exhibit featuring a special collection of the Mexican Tree of Life.  For those unfamiliar with this kind of art, the Mexican Tree of Life is one of the most popular manifestations of Mexican Folk Art.  It’s called the Tree of Life as it typically depicts the story of the creation of life as told in the book of Genesis in the Bible.  Each molded clay candelabra is covered with multiple hand-crafted clay figures that narrate a religious passage or depict a Mexican tradition.

While it might be a difficult task to keep your children from touching all the art on display, there is ample opportunity for them to dig in and get their little fingers right in the action.  Further activities planned feature a flower wrist band craft, giant bubbles, experiment with instruments, breaking the pinata, arts and crafts table, and a bilingual story walk.

Never fear, parents, in addition to the fun for kids, there are activities for you to enjoy as well!  There will be a flower hair clip station, a community art activity, domino table, and food demonstrations.

And you know the saying, “You never know how little self-control you have until the chips and salsa are placed in front of you at a Mexican restaurant.”  Then you are going to LOVE the salsa contest!

All your favorites will be there, including guests from Eagle Grove, Clarion and Hampton!

*Avion Azul at the Airport

*Cancun by the Lake

*Mr. Taco

*Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant

*El Taco Riendo

*La Tienda Taqueria

*La Chozita Antojitos Mexicanos y Mariscos

While the fiesta runs from 2-5pm, the salsa contest ends at 4:00 and the winners will be announced at 4:30pm.

At 4pm, you can sit an enjoy the festive music from Mariachi de Colores.  Food trucks and vendors on site will have delicious culinary delights for everyone to enjoy.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy the food, music and fun!

*Mr. Taco

*Taco El Riendo

*B-Lo Zero Sno Cones & Mini Donuts

Come out for an afternoon of unique food, art, music and family fun as we celebrate the Latino culture.  Bring your friends and neighbors and soak up the culture at the Garden Fiesta!

Be sure to mark yourself as GOING on their Facebook event, or check out Central Gardens of North Iowa for details and information.