It might not be a bad idea to put a rock in your pocket today, or you just might blow right into the Lake!  The wind is unrestrained and unbridled, whipping through the streets of Clear Lake, swirling above our frozen oasis.

Good thing the kiters aren’t out flying today, or they just might end up somewhere over the rainbow!

Speaking of Color the Wind, make sure to check out the blog post from earlier this week.  It gives a big toot of the horn to all our sponsors, especially Apex Clean Energy, thanking them for their support.  There’s also a little tidbit about some special kite fliers who are coming all the way from England for this incredible event!

Now is the time to be making your game plan for next Saturday.  And, you know, it wouldn’t hurt to cross your fingers, say a prayer, or maybe do a ‘nice weather’ dance out on your front lawn to ensure the ice is favorable and it’s a pleasant day for us all to enjoy the beautiful kites.

Exciting news out of the high school is the Girls Basketball Team taking the title of Conference Champs for the 3rd year in a row.  These lady Lions have our school spirit soaring high into the clouds as they begin their journey to the State tournament this Saturday against Crestwood.

In addition, not one, or two – but THREE Clear Lake Lions wrestlers advance to Districts. Vying for a chance to attend the State wrestling meet is nothing new for Max Currier, but it will be the first opportunity for Tyler LeFevre and Kaleb Hambly.


And it’s not just the sports world receiving accolades this week.  The Clear Lake Agriculture Education and FFA, a program only in the curriculum for the past few years, had a whopping 21 students represent the school at Sub districts in Forest City this week.  Of these 8 different events (2 group and 6 individual), 5 of them advance to districts!

Congratulations – way to represent the Clear Lake Ag Ed and FFA!

Here is my personal PSA for all you men out there planning to celebrate the culmination of another year of football on Sunday: do keep in mind that the following day, Monday, is not just a day to recuperate from overindulgence of food and drink, but Valentine’s Day.

Trust me on this one, you DO NOT want to spend the remainder of the week in the doghouse.

Never fear, this Valentine’s Day post was made just for you!  Check it out and get your gifting done early so you can enjoy the big concert… I mean… game on Sunday.

Alas, as we set to embark on another epic weekend at the Lake, I hope you enjoy some time for yourself.  Go to your favorite local restaurant.  Shop at the many fantastic retail stores.  Treat yourself to an ice cream delight at Charlie’s Soda Fountain, or some deliciousness at Chris’ Kettle Corn.

Whatever you do, soak in all the winter fun Clear Lake has to offer.

Considering that January lasted for 3,794 days (or at least it felt that way) we’re almost over the hump of February and ready to slide on down into March.

You know what that means???

SPRING is just around the corner.